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How IntelliTrack is Transforming Ops: Real-Time Asset & Inventory Visibility

Feb 6, 2024
TOPIC: Asset Tracking
3 min read
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Since our relaunch of Barcoding’s own IntelliTrack® enterprise platform, our users have relied on greater than 99.99% uptime tracking while managing more than 1.3 million enterprise assets. 

We’ve deployed 80 IntelliTrack sprints to add and enhance functionality, address customer feedback, and make other improvements and updates, all with a focus on delivering optimal visibility into assets and inventory for our users across industries.

How many users? So far, more than 6,000 users (and counting!) are reaping the benefits of IntelliTrack to get user-friendly shared access to asset and inventory data, automated device check-out and check-in with VeriMy, and granular visibility into device lifecycle and maintenance milestones—and that’s just a small sampling of its capabilities.

By the end of 2023, IntelliTrack was used to process more than 170,000 return merchandise authorizations (RMAs). In traditional, non-automated IT workflows, RMAs can be time-consuming and error-prone, between manual data entry, approval processes, documentation, and communication delays. 

But using IntelliTrack, you can create an RMA in just 30 seconds.

That’s a huge boost in efficient use of IT resources. But IntelliTrack’s doing much more than saving time and trouble on RMAs. Here’s a look at how it’s transforming asset and inventory management across industries—in some ways you might not expect!

Precision-Tracking for a Manufacturer’s Assets

Devices, tools, and equipment are often shared in manufacturing environments—especially those high-value assets—and managing those shared items can be tricky. For Operations, keeping track of device whereabouts, users, and maintenance records can be complicated, and getting it wrong can create production bottlenecks or worse. And on the Finance side, tracking depreciation and service contracts can be just as complex.

IntelliTrack is out there solving for both sides of the equation. The platform is streamlining check-out and check-in of shared assets with the Rotational Assets bundle. It’s also helping provide up-to-date service contract information and asset depreciation data (Fixed Assets bundle) for Finance to ensure their records are on point. For Android devices, the VeriMy application can also keep track of users, device health, and location. Here’s how IntelliTrack helped one manufacturer get its warehouse assets under control.

Eliminating a Distributor’s Spreadsheets & Reining in RMA Chaos

When a distributor purchases a fleet of hundreds of mobile devices deployed across 10 locations, that’s an investment in efficiency and time savings. But managing service contracts, creating RMAs, maintaining inventory and monitoring for device replenishment needs…left to manual workflows, it’s virtually impossible for corporate to get visibility.

With IntelliTrack, this customer escaped spreadsheets, checklists, and device check-out clipboards. Now, corporate IT has real-time visibility into devices, spare pools, and RMAs at location and corporate levels. Replenishment needs are trackable by device purchase date or service contract terms. 

And on the production floor, device users just have to place Android devices on locker chargers and they’re checked back in—automatically via the VeriMy application.

Boosting Efficiency for a Major Retailer

We’ve already established that RMAs alone represent a great opportunity for improving efficiency and use of resources—but for a major U.S. retailer, RMAs were just the beginning. They got a little more help incorporating more asset tracking details and added VeriMy capabilities, and even applied their fresh insights to make IT infrastructure improvements—all leading to big boosts in efficiency, device management, and overall productivity at store locations and at the corporate level.

Helping a 3PL Scale Amid Pandemic Challenges

When Jillamy, a rapidly growing third-party logistics provider, timed its digital transformation to coincide with a major expansion, IntelliTrack was central to the plan. Barcoding’s #SupplyChainGeeks worked closely with both the customer and their device provider throughout the process, helping the 3PL transition from paper-based processes to digital systems, achieve new levels of data accuracy and efficiency, and gain real-time visibility of all their mobile devices. 

Their implementation resulted in better IT efficiency and improved productivity across locations—ensuring continuous operations with minimal downtime, a decisive success factor for 3PLs.

Eliminating Lost Shipping Containers for a Private Port Operator

Shipping containers aren’t exactly small, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to locate and dispatch to the right ship in a timely manner. And you might not think of an inventory and asset management platform as the solution—but in fact, that’s just what IntelliTrack delivered.

Finding and moving containers faster means a more efficiently operating port. And we all know time is money.

Versatility Across Industries: A Major Factor in IntelliTrack’s Value

What kinds of businesses and organizations can use IntelliTrack to solve supply-chain, inventory tracking, and asset management challenges? It’s a broad and expanding list!

  • For a state park, IntelliTrack streamlines MRO asset and inventory management, improving operational efficiency
  • A community college leveraged IntelliTrack in its new warehouse technology course offering, providing students with practical tech experience
  • A fully remote medical billing company achieved visibility and efficient management of distributed IT assets to improve its operational processes

And with demonstrated Service Organization Control 2 (SOC 2) Type 1 compliance, IntelliTrack users can rely on a secure and trustworthy platform for asset and inventory management data, whatever the work environment or challenge. 

IntelliTrack is everywhere, putting workflow automation within easy reach and delivers real-time visibility to enterprise stakeholders, helping organizations of all kinds transform their operations to become data-driven on the path to modernization. Find out what it takes to achieve data driven operations. Click below to download our free guide.


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