Our Approach

A Barcoding solution is never just a piece of hardware: This is the heart of Barcoding’s Process, People, Technology (PPT) philosophy.

First, we work to understand our clients’ businesses—their workflows, people, cultures, and goals—and then we discuss the types of technology available to fit their needs.

Our Partner Network

Barcoding, Inc. is a premier partner with the best manufacturers and software providers in the automated data capture, mobility, and supply chain spaces. Because of our strong relationships, our clients have access to high-level resources at our partners’ organizations—from the executive teams to sales, engineers, and support.

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Device Lifecycle Management


Downtime is not an Option

For businesses that manage hundreds or thousands of mobile devices, the right support partner is mission-critical. We are a 24x7 managed mobile services partner for our customers—leveraging our expertise and our proprietary enterprise IT asset management platform (BOS™️) to keep our customers “always on.”

Think of our support as insurance and peace of mind for your mobile platform.

Managed Mobility Services to Help You Run

We help when you need it most: in the event of a hardware failure, application issue, or asset identification/location requirement arises. 

Barcoding’s StayLive Services™ ensure that disruptions and downtime are minimized, and productivity and security maintained. 

We respond quickly and effectively to your requests, ranging from product functionality to your most mission-critical operational systems.

A few places we can add value:

  • Mobile asset visibility (powered by our enterprise platform)
  • RMA and repair depot support
  • 24x7 help desk and call center | Levels 1 & 2
  • Spare pool & inventory management
  • Enterprise Mobility Management & MDM
  • Manufacture device contract management
  • Training
  • Reporting and analytics

Seamless Connectivity Management

We help our customers manage an entire fleet of wireless devices, carrier services, contracts, and monthly spend in a single system, as well as provide analytics and real-time reporting that can improve business outcomes.

With our StayLive Services, let Barcoding:

  • Manage the coverage and connectivity costs for all wirelessly connected mobile computers, routers, scanners, tablets, hotspots, etc.
  • Manage cellular-enabled mobile computers, routers, scanners, tablets, and other data-only devices and avoid overspending

By working with Barcoding, we can help you:

  • Lower connectivity costs
  • Get the best possible coverage
  • Get superior security
  • Access seamless ordering and billing
  • Get robust analytics and reporting
  • Give time back to your team who will no longer have to manage lines/activations and billing!

Partnership Approach during RUN



We follow the design of our joint project plan in terms of ongoing support of your mobile platform.



Our StayLive Services team works directly with your key stakeholders on help desk and RMAs.



We leverage our enterprise ITAM platform to manage all RMA requests. With this platform, we can create and manage repair requests through direct integration with manufacturer RMA portals.


Ask Yourself:

Does my team have the bandwidth to handle all managed mobility issues that will arise from the field?
Are we willing to give up IT resources to troubleshoot or do root cause analysis on mobile hardware issues?

Do we have the resources to manage multiple mobile device lifecycles on various time schedules including security, contracts, and upgrades?

If you answered no to any of these, you need a partner like Barcoding.

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