Four Ways Barcodes Improve Operations

From the receiving dock to the shipping door, barcode data collection provides direct benefits to labor productivity, production control, operational costs, customer service, space requirements and inventory management. Here are four ways barcodes can help improve warehousing and distribution operations.

What benefits can you receive from deploying barcodes in your warehouse or distribution center?

1. Streamline Shipping and Receiving

Whether you receive shipments with barcodes applied by suppliers, or if you need to print and apply labels for internal use, barcodes provide a way to monitor the flow of inputs. Labels identify the item, purchase order number, supplier, lot number, date of delivery and more. This information is then used to create a receiving and purchasing record which becomes part of the material’s history and provides lot traceability throughout its lifecycle. Barcode labels are often mandatory when shipping items.

Barcode label software can integrate with your database systems to conveniently and efficiently generate barcode labels. Once the shipment is in transit, barcode labels provide an effective means of tracking packages and collecting proof of delivery.

2. Effectively Manage Inventory

The most valuable characteristic of barcodes in inventory control is keeping track of parts, supplies, tools and materials that you purchase, stock and/or consume. Knowing what you have and where to find it prevents costly disruptions, saves money in purchasing and increases sales revenue.

3.Track Fixed and Circulating Assets

Using barcodes to track fixed assets was one of this technology’s first applications. By attaching a label to capital equipment, office furniture, computers, machines and other fixtures, you are not only able to keep an account of what you own, but also easily calculate depreciation, conduct physical inventories and know when to perform preventative maintenance.

Circulating assets include equipment, tools, files and other valuable inventory that changes hands within an organization. By tracking who has custody of each asset, you can minimize inefficiency and losses.

4. Automate Data Collection

Virtually any data collection process performed with a traditional paper and pencil can be managed with barcodes and mobile computers, creating a leap in productivity and accuracy. Whether you run a factory or a hospital, grow crops or harvest timber, effective management depends upon timely, accurate information. Automating data collection with a barcode system offers these benefits and more.

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“Our barcode system is fast and reliable – our workers love it. They can point and shoot barcodes on the move and from far away, and feel like they are in control of the device. We are no longer picking up accidental scans or requiring manual data entry, so our process is much more efficient, accurate, and connected thanks to Barcoding, Inc.” John Walker, Information Technology Manager, H&M Bay

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