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Voice Picking Systems by Barcoding, Inc.

Increase productivity and efficiency by letting your warehouse workers’ use both hands while picking, putting away, or shipping.

Voice technology uses voice recognition software and speech synthesis to allow workers to communicate directly with a Warehouse Management System. Using a wireless, wearable computer coupled with a headset and microphone peripherals, warehouse workers receive instructions and verbally confirm their actions back to the host system.

Barcoding has the right partnerships in place to help you 1) determine if voice is appropriate for your warehouse, and 2) to execute a full voice picking solution.

Voice Picking FAQs

Most companies use wrist or hip wearable computers that are combined with a headset and microphone. Instructions are relayed to the worker via the headset; then, workers confirm they received the instructions and completed the action via the microphone. This information is processed by the wearable computer and transmitted back to the host system using a wireless network.

Voice systems free up workers’ hands eliminating the need for them to carry a portable data collection device and holster it after each use. When you add a ring scanner to the voice system, workers can scan barcodes to ensure the correct pick. Without a ring scanner, workers simply say the last several digits of the barcode to verify the correct item is being picked; workers do not have to read the entire barcode to the system.

More robust systems are “speaker dependent” where workers actually train with the system for about five minutes until the system becomes accustomed to the pronunciation. Training the system in this fashion allows for greater accuracy especially when different accents, dialects, and even languages are spoken.

As long as you use devices that are specifically designed for the nosier warehouse environments, a voice-picking system will operate in even the loudest of warehouses.

Barcoding, Inc.’s Complete Voice Picking Solutions

At Barcoding, we offer complete solutions. For all of our voice systems, we recommend use case-specific hardware (mobile computers, wearables, scanners, etc.) and our GoLive Services™ for staging, kitting, and configuration. For enterprise roll-outs, we also recommend our StayLive Services™ (help desk, spare pool, RMAs, asset utilization and management, etc.) to maximize uptime and the investment made in the technology.

Bottom line, you will have one partner to trust for increased efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity.

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