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Join Barcoding’s Huddle & Get to Know Honeywell’s CT30 for Healthcare

Oct 27, 2022
TOPIC: Asset Tracking
4 min read
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In any healthcare setting, patients and providers often have a lot on their plates—and on their minds.

And it’s often the little things that add up to a positive or negative experience for patients or their families. An item as small as a wedding ring can become a major problem if it can’t be found quickly and easily.

Collecting, storing, retrieving, and returning patients’ personal belongings add even more workflows—and record-keeping challenges—to healthcare workers’ already demanding routines. Yet, at the same time, attentiveness for an individual’s personal effects is part of demonstrating care for patients and their families.

Any effective solution to streamline these processes and reduce human error needs to check a lot of boxes. Devices need to be rugged, yet lightweight and easy to use. Software solutions need to be simple, intuitive, and connected to effectively manage the information and ensure access by the right people when it matters most.

For this month’s Huddle, Jody invited Barcoding colleagues and special guests from strategic partner Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions. Join us to celebrate the launch of the Honeywell CT30 mobile computer for healthcare and learn more about Barcoding’s IntelliTrack® Patient Belongings Tracking bundle.

The overview highlights takeaways from this month’s Huddle experts:

  • Jody Costa, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, Barcoding
  • Rob Kiseleff, Enterprise Platform Product and Program Manager, Barcoding
  • Susan Hoese, Enterprise Account Manager, Barcoding
  • GW Hall, Senior Channel Business Manager, Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions
  • Mark Ancona, Senior Strategic Account Representative, Honeywell Safety & Productivity

Want all the details? Just watch the video!


Watch the Huddle!

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About Honeywell Safety & Productivity Solutions

The Honeywell Safety and Productivity Solutions Group provides product, software, and connected solutions that improve productivity, workplace safety, and asset performance for customers around the globe.

Honeywell has long been a leader in data capture for healthcare settings. Its Xenon Healthcare Scanners led the industry with upward of 50% market share in clinical settings since introduction, improving efficiency and error-proofing tasks in workflows ranging from patient admission to bedside point of care to pharmacy.

Honeywell was the first to introduce many innovations in healthcare data capture technologies, including:

  • Disinfectant-ready plastics
  • Laser-free scanning capabilities
  • Locationing for finding misplaced scanners
  • A programmable Bluetooth scanning device
  • Battery-free scanning devices

That’s a lot of firsts, demonstrating Honeywell’s dedication to serving its healthcare customers with the capabilities they need most. It also shows Honeywell’s attention to feedback from partners like Barcoding, as well as customers and end users, to develop new features and continuously improve products, as they have with the CT30.

How Honeywell CT30 Raises the Bar for Mobility in Healthcare

Honeywell’s new CT30 HC mobile computer was designed and built to check the boxes for a demanding environment and expert users. It’s small enough to pocket and light enough not to weigh down scrubs, yet rugged and easy to maintain. Its battery life holds up to the long shifts of nurses and security officers in healthcare settings. It’s disinfectant-ready and makes it easy for users to connect using voice and text based tools, and its patient-friendly LED scanning quickly and effectively reads even small barcode labels.

But here’s the best part, especially for organizations with limited resources: the CT30 is manufactured to support a lifecycle of up to 11 years. By combining incredibly durable hardware and the security of an Android operating system and support, healthcare enterprises can expect many more years of ROI than they would with a comparable device that was designed for consumer use.

Tracking Patient Belongings Just Got Simpler, Too

An ideal device and OS go a long way to improve on-the-job experience for patient care and security workers—but the right software solutions can transform a device into an even more powerful tool. That’s where Barcoding’s IntelliTrack Patient Belongings Tracking bundle comes in.

Just as Honeywell built its CT30 using feedback from the professionals it serves, Barcoding studied three key workflows around patient belongings:

  • Collection and storage
  • Retrieval
  • Return

Each of these events can be disruptive, generate extra work, and result in wasted time, especially if systems rely on pen-and-paper item cataloging. Many healthcare systems are still relying on pen and paper. Other alternatives include patient charting software (which was not built to serve the need) and evidence management solutions typically used by law enforcement agencies — which turns out to be over the top in terms of capabilities. 

IntelliTrack is healthcare’s Goldilocks solution for patient belongings tracking.

It includes built-in checklists and the capability to photograph items for fast, easy documentation. Because it’s connected and automated, the information is immediately added to the appropriate database. When patients are moved and their personal effects shift from one storage location to another, the data is easy to update, documenting chain of custody as items are relocated.

Accurate tracking of patient belongings saves healthcare workers time and frustration, improves patient experience, and can reduce claims for lost patient property.

The Best Solutions are Even Better Together

The CT30’s on-the-job performance and capabilities, together with IntelliTrack’s Patient Belongings Tracking work together to make it fast and easy to catalog, record, store, track, and return the right items to patients and their families so they can focus on patient care. Until recently, these time- and effort-intensive workflows had gone unaddressed.

And as Rob points out, IntelliTrack’s capabilities to track consumables inventory and other assets make it easier for organizations to get greater visibility into their own property and assets — and make the absolute most of their investments in powerful mobile devices and software solutions.

You can learn a lot more about the technical specs and capabilities of the new CT30 by watching the video. Plus, get a deeper understanding of IntelliTrack’s multiple, powerful inventory and asset management capabilities by downloading our use case bundle. Just click below to get your copy now.


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