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No More Lost Deliveries! Eliminate Chaos with IntelliTrack Mailroom Bundle

Oct 23, 2023
TOPIC: Asset Tracking
3 min read
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We’ve all been there. Anxiously waiting for an important tool, replacement equipment, or other critical item to arrive internally after receiving a delivery notice from the shipper. Or worse, wasting way too much time trying to locate it while productivity suffers. You know it’s around somewhere—but where?

A mailroom might not be as big as a major shipping port, but to your enterprise, it’s just as critical. Delayed receipt can hold up production while mailroom staff scramble to track down the shipment. If only you had a streamlined system to log and route each package and maintain its chain of custody until safely delivered to the intended recipient, right?

IntelliTrack®, our leading asset visibility platform, now offers a new Mailroom Bundle that provides the visibility you need to eliminate the headaches, the parcel pileups, and the operational drag and waste created by misplaced shipments and lack of accountability for deliveries.

IntelliTrack Mailroom Bundle is here to help ops leaders transform mailroom workflows, reduce the time and tedium of getting shipments to their intended recipients, and reduce the waste associated with misplaced or invisible deliveries.

Here’s what you need to know:

What’s IntelliTrack Mailroom Bundle, and Who is it For?

IntelliTrack is an integrated software platform that provides end-to-end visibility and management of assets and inventory across operations. Use it to track, monitor and manage data captured using mobile devices, IoT sensors, and other data collection systems.

IntelliTrack gives users real-time insight into asset locations, status changes, chain of custody, asset history and lifecycle, and much more. The solution’s robust functional features allow you to set rules-based alerts, generate reports, and more to achieve the precise level of asset and inventory oversight you need.

We purpose-built IntelliTrack Mailroom Bundle to simplify and streamline your mailroom operations.

What Can You Do with IntelliTrack Mailroom Bundle?

IntelliTrack Mailroom Bundle comes packed with features to transform your package and delivery tracking—and eliminate mailroom chaos. Here are some of the key capabilities you can use to bring clarity and visibility to your internal mail distribution and delivery management operations:

Track receipt of inbound packages and mail from carriers like the U.S. Postal Service and FedEx. Mailroom employees simply scan package tracking numbers from carriers to instantly log deliveries into the system upon arrival.

Capture photos of incoming packages on arrival. This can be particularly helpful for documenting any damage that may have occurred in transit, or recording other shipment errors.

Maintain chain of custody by tracking packages from receiving through internal delivery to its recipient. It’s easy for employees to record deliveries and handling steps, collect recipient signatures for proof of delivery, and see who currently has possession of the package, all using mobile devices.

Move packages in bulk from a central mailroom to other locations, such as department mail stops, while maintaining accountability and transparency over internal transport and logistics.

Gain visibility into mailroom operations via IntelliTrack’s user-friendly web console. In addition to recording and viewing the same functions as mobile users, web console users can:

  • Filter, sort, and search data
  • Build data views to monitor performance at a glance
  • Create subscriptions
  • Perform administrative functions—create and manage recipients, carriers, service levels, and mail stops

Level Up Your Internal Package & Delivery Tracking

Mailroom Bundle’s powerful capabilities can help streamline inbound receiving, processing, logistics, and internal shipment deliveries. Save time, reduce waste, get more efficient, and achieve visibility and accountability for every item received by your operation’s mail services:

  • Improve mailroom workflow efficiency and processing speeds by eliminating manual shipment processing

  • Reduce the number of lost and misrouted packages and optimize internal deliveries with end-to-end visibility

  • Use customizable package data fields to track and monitor package details that matter most to your teams

  • Prioritize package handling based on carrier service levels—so your most urgent shipments don’t get caught up in a queue while operations sit idle

  • Optimize workers’ time spent on mailroom tasks, leaving more time to focus on more enjoyable, value-added duties

Built to Manage and Streamline Complex Mailroom Workflows

IntelliTrack Mailroom Bundle is versatile enough to optimize mailroom operations across industries and specific use cases, and to scale up and grow with your business. It can deliver customizable value to teams such as:

  1. Receiving departments at distribution centers and warehouses that have to track high volumes of inbound packages for internal delivery. Mailroom Bundle makes it nearly foolproof to manage carrier shipments through every step, from receipt to putaway.

  2. Manufacturing campuses and other expansive or distributed premises that handle significant inter-office mail. Make it easier to streamline routing of internal documents and parcels between facilities or buildings.

  3. Businesses of all types with decentralized mailroom operations. Connect satellite mailrooms to create a central system that has the power to deliver total visibility into the whole enterprise, from any location.

By implementing IntelliTrack’s purpose-built Mailroom Bundle, operations leaders everywhere can optimize internal mail and parcel workflows, eliminating operational headaches associated with lost, misplaced, or delayed internal deliveries. Achieve cost savings, reduce waste, and improve accountability, efficiency, and productivity among mail delivery staff.

Reach out to the IntelliTrack team or learn more about the Mailroom Bundle today.

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