Barcoding Innovator of the Year Award

The Barcoding, Inc. “Innovator of the Year” award recognizes a team within a company who has implemented a mobile or automated data capture solution that has greatly impacted the business’s efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity.


The winner is announced live at a Barcoding event in the fall. The winning company/person receives recognition at the event, a commemorative award and Under Amour Barcoding polo shirt, induction into our “Innovator of the Year” gallery, and PR and social media promotion including a press release, blog article, and a video interview to be filmed on-site.

Innovator of the Year Award Winners

Congrats to Schneider National!We are so thrilled to recognize the work of Schneider as our 2020 Innovator of the Year, an organization has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to being more efficient, accurate, and connected. This year, we announced the winner at our first annual #SupplyChainGeekDay Summit.

We are so thrilled to recognize the work of Fleet Farm as our 2019 Innovator of the Year, an organization has demonstrated an exemplary commitment to being more efficient, accurate and connected. This year, we announced the winner at our Open House event, where we unveiled our new headquarters in Highlandtown, a neighborhood in the south eastern part of Baltimore City.

Fleet Farms has been in operation since 1955 as a retail chain with 44 stores across the Midwest. Their locations supply customers with everything they need for the jobs and joys of daily life, including outdoor products, auto parts, home improvement goods and more.

Last year, Fleet Farm became a Barcoding, Inc. customer. We were able to provide them with a mobile hardware refresh, including new technology at 37 stores, as well as a new distribution center. They provided Zebra TC51/52 handheld devices for store employees, ET50 tablets in gate huts, and mounted Zebra MK3090/3190 price check kiosks in store aisles. With this new equipment, they were able to improve their employees’ effectiveness and customer experience. Plus, all of the devices are managed with a SOTI enterprise mobility management application.

However, Fleet Farm didn’t stop there. They took the extra initiative to seek out new applications to maximize their investment and bring the best possible solution to their organization and create a stronger partnership between store team members and the corporate IT and operations staff. It is this kind of attention to detail and dedication that we look for in our Innovator of the Year, and we are so glad to be a part of their story.

Congrats to Northwestern for winning the 2018 Innovator of the Year award.

With our help, the Center for Comparative Medicine at Northwestern moved from a paper-based system to our Operational Management System. We created a scanning system and RFID software interface that worked with their existing systems and communicated over their Wi-Fi network to create RFID smart applications, providing the lab with real-time results.

Congrats to our first annual award winner, Azteca Foods!

Azteca Foods’ Automates Ability to Track and Trace Pallets

Background: Azteca Foods, Inc. is a family-owned and operated leader in the Mexican foods category.

Challenge: Azteca sought a way to track pallets of goods moving throughout its warehouse by assigning a unique identification numbers to pallets as they come off the line.

Solution: Barcoding, Inc.’s barcode scanning system comprising handheld computers, a customized mobile software application, an internally hosted web service, and network extenders.

Result: Achieved full traceability of pallets moving into its finished goods warehouse, eliminated time-consuming manual data entry processes, and increased accuracy.

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