XPO Order™: Event Order Management Solution

For Your Next Buying Tradeshow, Capture Sales Automatically

XPO Order™ is a comprehensive program for buying shows that enables exhibitors to take real-time orders right in their events’ booths. Both tradeshow management and exhibitors can view order data instantly.

Real-Time Event Order Management

No more data entry post-event; no more struggling to read handwriting or scratched out orders. No more wondering if the totals at the show are meeting goals. With XPO Order™ exhibitors are more efficient and accurate in their order-taking, and show management can claim a flawless and profitable event.

• Instantly report back with total sales numbers from all exhibitors represented at the show
• Have your exhibitors push pre-orders to be confirmed in-person at the show
• Be a leader in your industry – attract new exhibitors and incentivize your tried-and-true exhibitors to return year over year

  • Have price lists/catalogs literally in the palm of your hand
  • Take orders instantly in the booth and on the show floor
  • Order across stores/divisions or duplicate orders without repeat data entry
  • Gain real-time order volume monitoring
  • Focus on selling, not paperwork
  • Rugged wireless handheld computers take orders instantly
  • Accurate data for both attendees and orders (including pre-orders)
  • Full visibility into show performance with robust reporting
  • High level of customer service including extensive pre-show planning and on-site training

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