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Transportation and Fleet Management by Barcoding, Inc.

Exceptional transportation and fleet management means making better decisions, improving customer services, boosting employee satisfaction and safety, and increasing revenue. With strong partnerships and the latest technology, Barcoding, Inc. helps companies of all sizes achieve these goals.

Barcoding, Inc.’s Complete Transportation and Fleet Solutions

At Barcoding, we offer complete solutions. For all of our software offerings, we recommend use case-specific hardware (mobile computers, printers, tablets, scanners, etc.) and our GoLive Services™ for staging, kitting, and configuration. For enterprise roll-outs, we also recommend our StayLive Services™ (help desk, spare pool, RMAs, asset utilization and management, etc.) to maximize uptime and the investment made in the technology.

Bottom line, you will have one partner to trust for increased efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity.

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How We Help Our Clients on the Road

  • Create delivery plans with customers in mind
  • Reduce fuel, labor, miles, and vehicle costs
  • Ensure plans are executed and any changes made in real-time
  • Capture and distribute customer data from the field
  • Track the performance of vehicles and related equipment
  • Meet emerging Electronic On-Board Recorder (EOBR) requirements
  • Manage contracts (carriers and transportation)
  • Configure route guides
  • Quote, plan, optimize, and track shipments
  • Determine mode and carrier combinations, including private and/or dedicated fleet
  • Streamline dock appointment scheduling and yard management
  • Support supplier and carrier compliance programs
  • Audit and settle freight bills

Solutions for Transportation and Fleet Management

  • Route Planning
  • Route Execution
  • Mobile Applications
  • Telematics & Compliance
  • Carrier Compliance & Rate Management
  • Transportation Planning & Execution
  • Dock Scheduling & Yard Management
  • Freight Audit & Settlement
  • Visibility, Tracking & Performance Management
  • Logistics Flow Control