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Terminal Emulation by Barcoding, Inc.

Extend productivity to your mobile workers and their devices without costly changes to your supply chain management (SCM) systems with Terminal Emulation.

Terminal Emulation: Then and Now

Terminal Emulation (TE) has been a staple for enterprise mobility solutions going back to the 1990’s. Rugged mobile computers of the time were deployed in factories, distribution centers, warehouses, and retail stores where workers used the computer’s barcode scanner and physical keypad to enter data.

Terminal Emulation made it easy to see and capture the data from the server-based supply chain management systems. Fields such as “SKU #”, “Quantity”, “Location”, and more were easily populated by a worker, eliminating a paper-based flow.

Because businesses can now deploy multiple hardware options – such as, rugged mobile computers for warehouse workers and consumer tablets for in-store retail associates –  Barcoding continues to invest in Terminal Emulation, offering clients both Android and iOS options.

Leave the Green Screen Behind. Move to an Android, All-touch Experience

While traditional Terminal Emulation is still important, workers now demand simple, easy-to-use, graphical touch screens, similar to the applications they run in their personal life.

Barcoding has partnerships in place to transform your “green screen” applications into user-friendly screens without changing the underlying enterprise applications.

We can modernize your existing terminal emulation client or provide an Android browser experience that still leverages your existing TE. Your users will be more productive with a mobile experience optimized for today’s touchscreen mobile devices.

Our TE Partners

StayLinked is the only Terminal Emulation (TE) product specifically designed for wireless environments.  Traditional TE solutions are, by the nature of their architecture and transport layer, incapable of dealing with the real-world inconsistencies of both Wifi and Cellular wireless networks. StayLinked TE delivers very secure, high-speed terminal emulation while completely eliminating dropped sessions.

Wavelink Terminal Emulation clients are available for all leading mobile operating systems, including Android and iOS, as well as Microsoft Windows Mobile and Windows CE. Wavelink Terminal Emulation (TE) supports multimodal data capture—from barcode scanning to key-based entry and voice.

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