Track the location of objects or people in real-time

Real-time Locating Systems (RTLS) Applications by Barcoding, Inc.

Real-time locating systems (RTLS) are used to automatically identify and track the location of objects or people in real time, usually within a building or other contained area without intervention.

RTLS leverages passive, active tags and/or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) sensor technology to provide this real-time visibility.

How RTLS Works

Unlike traditional RFID systems that require read zones and antennas close to the tags, RTLS can read all tagged items continuously, without the need for a specified pathway or handheld reader. Because of this, RTLS are capable of covering much wider areas of space, expanding how companies are using these systems for asset tracking.

Capable of tracking both people and assets, RTLS provide instant visibility to the object’s location. If an asset moves, these systems are capable of instantly showing that action.

Specialty tags and sensors have been developed to meet the needs of certain types of asset management, and these systems have been successfully implemented many times in closed loops systems of returnable assets.

RTLS Experience 

Barcoding, Inc.’s RFID team is among the best at implementing RTLS. With extensive experience in passive, active, and BLE, our team is trusted by some of the largest enterprises in the world to provide objective feedback on whether RTLS will work for their workflows.

Barcoding, Inc.’s RTLS Solutions

At Barcoding, we offer complete solutions. In the world of RTLS, your company will work directly with RFID by Barcoding to receive a solution that is vetted completely, implemented on-time, and supported over time.

Bottom line, you will have one partner to trust for increased efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity.


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Tom O'Boyle, Director of RFID, explains what an RTLS system is and how it differs from other RFID systems.

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