Route Accounting Software

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Route Accounting Software Applications by Barcoding, Inc.

Route Accounting solutions from Barcoding, Inc. comprise mobile sales, delivery, and merchandising functions for the consumer package goods industry. By partnering with us, our customers reduce errors and costs, open new revenue opportunities, optimize distribution logistics, improve worker productivity, and streamline inventory.

Benefits of Route Accounting

  • Track delivered, damaged, and returned inventory – avoid disputes with customers over whether a package was delivered and its condition.
  • Create and edit invoices – reduce the time between delivery and payment. You can even accept payments in the field.
  • Print receipts in the field – allow your drivers to give a customer a receipt with their own signature on it without having to return to a truck-mounted printer.
  • Run reports of time between deliveries, signed for merchandise, and damaged merchandise – use this information to plan more efficient routes and reconcile inventory levels.
  • Update daily inventory quantities for sales reporting – constantly know what products are selling fastest, at which locations, allowing your customers to place orders and keep products from selling out.
  • Connect directly to your accounting or ERP system – by allowing all information to be shared you can spend less time crunching numbers and more time making money.

Features of Route Accounting Solutions

Ready-to-use, customizable workflows plus certified mobile hardware and printing built for the entire dock-to-shelf cycle, including:

  • Mobile route management
  • Load inventory verification and tracking
  • On-site stock and display survey
  • Delivery report and tracking
  • Tiered, chain, discount & allowance pricing
  • Returns and buy-backs
  • Invoicing and payment processing including credit card swipe
  • Signature capture
  • Barcode scanning, RFID support
  • Printing
  • Real-time invoicing
  • Company and independent operator reporting
  • End-of-day settlement and mobile server update
  • Reporting and analytics

With a Barcoding, Inc. route accounting solution, you can increase the number of sites per day and provide the highest level of customer service.

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Route Accounting Software Options

Only Apacheta offers an application suite to streamline your entire consumer goods operations including direct store delivery, retail execution, field service, and line haul delivery to distribution centers.  Our mobile delivery route software integrates smoothly with your existing route accounting, CRM and financial systems to provide a complete end-to-end solution.

eRMS is a powerful backbone to a suite of route accounting software applications that includes order management, pricing, promotions, route settlement, invoicing, collections and more. It can help improve cost performance by providing the means to measure, capture and apply key metrics across the global enterprise. eRMS can be used as a standalone solution or seamlessly integrated with existing ERP, accounting and other business operational systems. eRMS integrates easily with most ERP systems.

Supports key multinational features for Perishables and Non Perishables markets: Dairy, Bakery, Snack Food and Beverage or any DSD route sales and delivery operation. Company Owned Route or Independent Distributor logic and business rules supported for product ordering, inventory management and financial accountability, pricing/promotions, cash and charge invoicing rules and daily or weekly settlement. Peddle Sales, Presales, Merchandising and Pre-Sold Delivery all supported from a single Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) and optional to any route type.

eoStar is a fully-integrated distribution and route accounting application solution. Rutherford designed eoStar as a core application foundation to manage all back-office, warehouse and route management functions. eoStar is available with advanced reporting both for small and mid-sized distributors as eoStar Workgroup and for large multi-site distributors as eoStar Enterprise.

Barcoding, Inc.’s Complete Route Accounting Solutions

At Barcoding, we offer complete solutions. For all of our software offerings, we recommend use case-specific hardware (mobile computers, printers, tablets, scanners, etc.) and our GoLive Services™ for staging, kitting, and configuration. For enterprise roll-outs, we also recommend our StayLive Services™ (help desk, spare pool, RMAs, asset utilization and management, etc.) to maximize uptime and the investment made in the technology.

Bottom line, you will have one partner to trust for increased efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity.