RLS™ (RFID RealView™ Listener Service)

RLS™ is a Windows Server based RFID middleware software service that filters RFID tag reads from RFID fixed readers and provides actionable data to existing computer systems. RLS™ eliminates the need for an ERP or MRP system to natively support RFID readers and allows the system of record to control
the business logic and user screens associated with the transactions.

How Does RLS™ Work?

RLS™ has sophisticated, proven RFID filtering algorithms that can be deployed to create read zone logic to provide real world applications. These filtering techniques allow a user to create RFID Read Zones that can support dock doors, conveyors and doorways. Without filtering, false reads that occur will create incorrect data and process instability.

What Can RLS™ Do?

RLS™ comes with a Windows based configuration tool that allows the user to define:

  • Readers
  • Allows intermingling of readers and antennas to create read zones or locations
  • Filtering by antenna or read zone
  • Heartbeat capture to maintain reader/server connection
  • Output data formatting to call Stored Procedures

RLS™ performs the following functions:

  • Tracks assets using standard GEN2 readers and tags
  • Listens for raw read events from supported readers
  • Determines a VALID read event from the raw read events
  • Links VALID read events to locations
  • Sends RFID event messages to existing systems and databases
  • Sends Reader Heartbeat error messages to existing system for alerting
  • Does filtering by:
    • Raw Read Count by Antenna
    • Minimum RSSI Value
    • Tag EPC header values
    • Minimum number of antennas to see the tag
  • Valid Read Events can be defined as:
    • New additions to read zones
    • Current inventory seen at a zone
    • New removals from a zone
    • Movement of a tag from one zone to the next

RLS™ Requirements:

RLS™ is a Windows based service that runs on a Windows Server (2008 through 2012 versions) or a Windows 7 PC.

Minimum Computer Requirements are:

  • Windows Server 2008 or 2012 or Windows 7 PC
  • 1.4 GB Processor or better
  • 2MB RAM or more
  • 10 GB Hard drive or more
  • Windows .NET Framework Version 4.0
  • Network connection to RFID Readers

Screenshots of RLS™


RFID_RLS Configurator - Data - Client

RFID_RLS Configurator - Location - View

RFID_RLS Configurator - Reader - Edit

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