RFID Case Studies and Use Cases

Take a look at some of our clients’ successes and use cases with RFID technology.

Accord Carton Tracks Pallets in Real Time with RFID

Customer: Accord Carton
Industry: Packaging
Application: Pallet Tracking, Inventory Management/Control
Background/Challenge: Accord Carton is a third-generation, family-owned producer of unique folding cartons. Time-consuming, manual data entry put Accord Carton at risk for errors. Also, the company was unable to produce pallet-level reports and lacked real-time insight into inventory.
Solution: RFID pallet-tracking solution from Barcoding, featuring RFID RealView™ software, Impinj RFID readers, and system integration with existing ERP and warehouse databases.
Result: Obtained the ability to track and monitor pallet movement in real time, eliminated time-consuming manual data entry and reported the most accurate inventory levels to date.

Large Food Processor Tracks Returnable Bins in Real-time with RFID

Industry: Food/Beverage
Application: Asset Tracking
Background/Challenge: A food processor relied on wooden bins to hold its picked fruit. The company would send the bins out to its growing sites, where farmers would fill them with produce and bring them to third-party storage locations. The company needed real-time tracking capabilities to account for the bins throughout their lifecycle and on a daily basis.
Solution: RFID tracking solution from Barcoding, Inc., consisting of Impinj RFID readers, passive UHF tags, Motorola handheld readers and RFID RealView™ software.
Result: Accurately tracking its bins and optimally allocating them to meet the needs of each location; expedited the physical counting process to save time and resources.

Tracking Patient Movements in a Cancer Treatment Center with Passive UHF RFID

Industry: Healthcare
Application: Patient Tracking
Background/Challenge: A cancer treatment center wanted to track its patients’ progress at each visit to gain insight that would allow it to reduce lost process time and enhance the customer experience.
Solution: UHF passive RFID tracking system that tracked patient movements as they moved to important locations throughout the facility.
Results: By tracking patients’ historical movements, the center was able to change the processes in order to streamline the patients’ time at the facility. This resulted in the reduction of patient appointment intervals from 20 to 10 minutes.


Passive UHF RFID Solution for Reporting to the USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture)

Industry: Agriculture
Application: Tracking and Tracing
Background/Challenge: Tracking experimental seed packets and reporting the serial number of the packet was time consuming and full of human error. The seed packet information needed to be available for reporting to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).
Solution: Passive UHF RFID software and hardware solution.
Results: Completing the box build and verification process in less time with 100% accuracy; reporting to the USDA is accurate and easier.

Passive UHF RFID-based Tracking System for Plastic Totes in Manufacturing Plants

Industry: Automotive
Application: Returnable Container Tracking
Background/Challenge: An automotive supplier was mandated to use plastic returnable containers when shipping to various different manufacturing plants. If the plastic totes were not available, the customer had to use a special cardboard equivalent box. This led to the supplier spending $400,000+ a year in expendable packaging.
Solution: UHF passive RFID-based tracking system that tracked RFID-tagged plastic totes.
Results: Saved over $300,000 in expendable packaging in the first year and obtained ROI in less than 6 months.

DoD Supplier Uses RFID Item Level Tagging

Industry: Government
Application: Item-level Tagging
Background/Challenge: The Department of Defense (DoD) selected a boot manufacturer to participate in an item-level RFID tagging initiative.
Solution: Barcoding’s RFID hardware and software systems.
Results: Able to comply with the DoD’s request to tag at the item level.

UFH Passive RFID System Solves Inventory Tracking at Technical College

Industry: Education
Application: Inventory Tracking
Background/Challenge: A technical college performed a time-consuming, yearly physical inventory on its 12,000 assets across three campuses.
Solution: A UHF passive RFID system for asset tracking.
Results: The physical count is now performed in less than a week, while the previous process was performed over six weeks.




“Barcoding was very responsive to our needs and able to explain in depth everything we needed to know about implementing RFID for pallet tracking.” Robert Mintari, IT Manager, Accord Carton

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