RFID RealView™ Software

Are you looking for a proven, reliable software program to deliver accurate asset movement and location information? Look no further than Barcoding, Inc.’s RFID RealView™ software, developed to give companies an instant view of their assets.

How Does RFID RealView™ Work?

By using standard UHF-based passive RFID tags and readers (available from any manufacturer), organizations can set up logical conditions to manage assets in order to control inventory and optimize manufacturing lines.

Our experts will map out the right read zones and readers to optimize data for location optimization and directionality – not just raw tag data. Asset information can be imported from other systems.

Assets can be linked to pictures, descriptions, and other data attributes to create meaningful reports. These are user-defined asset types – like people, inventory, IT, totes, WIP, vehicles, and more.

  • Tag Commissioning (assign tags to assets)
  • Perform inventory counts using wireless RFID handheld computers
  • Locate tags using RFID Geiger Counter functions
  • Tracks assets using standard UHF passive readers and tags
  • User Definable asset types – People, Inventory, IT, Totes, WIP, Vehicles, and more
  • Supports all major RFID readers and manufacturers
  • Import assets from existing systems
  • Triggers for certain business logic events
  • Event-triggered messaging via Emails or SMS
  • Displays last known location and dwell times
  • Detailed History Records maintained for each asset
  • Asset maintenance screens
  • RFID tagging / commissioning using barcode or RFID
  • Handheld RFID Inventory and Locating functions
  • Perform physical inventory by room/zone
  • User-defined attribute fields per asset type

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