Check In/Check Out Software

Looking for an easy way to check out equipment or devices to users?

Where was a tool last seen? Who checked it out? Answer these questions by implementing a check in/check out system from Barcoding, Inc. Check In/Check Out software is ideal for those that track circulating assets and inventory – like those found in storage rooms, equipment rooms, and/or tool rooms.

By using a Check in / Check Out solution, you can:

  • Prevent the loss of packages, equipment, specimens, and tools
  • Stay on top of maintenance schedules for your machinery
  • Avoid confusion over which employee signed out which piece of equipment
  • Create an accurate and connected chain of custody for items

IntelliTrack – Simple, Smart, Flexible Check In Check Out Software

There is a better way to keep track of all your tools that are circulating throughout your operations. Equipment or devices (like barcode scanners or tablets) that are used throughout the day by different shifts of workers are critical to manage.

IntelliTrack software collects, tracks, and processes all the data on rotational assets as well as consumables. It reports on the inventory detail, reorder levels, asset reservations, maintenance and calibration periods, and asset check in and check out transactions. It is invaluable in preventing the loss of costly inventory and ensuring you have real-time visibility of your equipment. Barcoding deploys IntelliTrack with mobile technology to provide a complete solution to our customers.

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Benefits of Automating Check In Check Out Processes:

  • Improved workflow and productivity
  • Real time info on who checked out what item, where it is and when it will be returned
  • Increased accountability for usage
  • Proven cost effectiveness with reduced costs for counts and replacing lost assets
  • Data reports to inform operational adjustments
  • Standard or customized reports to support workforce deployment, discipline and training
  • Reports can be exported in Word, PDF, Excel and other formats, providing data for critical managerial decisions

Whether you’re tracking mobile technology, barcode scanners, tools, machinery, job site gear, A/V equipment, or mobile medical equipment, IntelliTrack gives you the ability to track your equipment in real-time, no matter what the asset is.

Automating Check In Check Out Processes with IntelliTrack

 IntelliTrack for check in check out use cases includes:

  • Track items by user and location
  • Streamlined Rapid Check Out to quickly and accurately process asset assignment to individuals or jobs
  • Operates across multiple sites
  • Immediate access to tech support

The IntelliTrack Advantage

The Check In Check Out functionality resides on the IntelliTrack platform. Take advantage of these core features.

  • Mix-and-match feature sets
  • Fully functional web and mobile applications work in tandem
  • Instant data access in real-time or batch data collection, in-house or off-site
  • Tech support access
  • Quick and easy deployment
  • Cost effective
  • Cloud data storage
  • Compatibility with all leading hardware types
  • French and Spanish language options. Tenga en cuenta que ambos paquetes de software de IntelliTrack Stratus están ahora disponibles en Español.

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