Active Asset Tracker (AAT™) Solution

For cost-effective and easy-to-implement real-time asset tracking, take a look at Barcoding’s Active Asset Tracker (AAT™) Solution.

This solution gives you the ability to listen to your assets—actively turning them into sensors that continuously transmitting information about their presence, temperature, movement, and more.

Leverage the Power of IoT for Asset Tracking

Your physical assets have a lot to say: where they are, how they’ve been handled, etc. What if there was a solution that enabled you to effectively listen to these assets and improve overall supply chain visibility? What would you learn?

AAT™ Use Case: Let’s Say You Want to Track Asset Movement in Your Building

You want to identify the presence of assets in your building or facility. These assets might be large racks, containers, equipment, etc. In the past, you might have reviewed expensive active RFID or GPS systems—but now there is a solution that is simple enough to work on your smartphone.

Using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) long range capabilities and a few Cloudnode (or read points), the AAT™ system eliminates the installation of passive reader portals by each door and the need to determine the direction of travel. AAT™ can log the asset “Not Here” when the asset beacon is not seen for a period of time (15 minutes). This is useful in wide open facilities where assets are floor stacked or stored on deep racks. The long range BLE beacons in the AAT™ System can still be seen and viewed.

Case Study: Barcoding’s Active Asset Tracker (AAT)™ Solution Provides International Quality Control for Large, International Healthcare Nonprofit


  • An international, non-profit health organization affiliated with the largest and oldest research institutions in the United States
  • For more than four decades, the nonprofit has been dedicated to improving the health of women and families in developing countries.


  • Sought a more efficient and accurate method of monitoring temperatures of goods and supplies in warehouses across the globe.
  • Needed a way to respond to equipment downtime in a timelier, more effective manner.


  • Barcoding’s Active Asset Tracker (AAT)™ Solution with temperature monitoring capabilities.
  • AAT’s cloud-based, online portal.


  • The healthcare nonprofit is ensuring the quality control of its goods and supplies.
  • Staff are more proactive, rather than reactive, in monitoring warehouse environments.

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Benefits of AAT™

AAT™ gives you a continuous, accurate, and near real-time inventory of your assets.

  • Identify hundreds of assets in a few seconds and locate them to your device’s GPS location
  • Significantly reduce the time spent looking for assets
  • Gain full visibility of your assets lifecycle
  • Increase accuracy of inventory counts
  • Reduce asset loss

The AAT™ System hinges on the use of BLE beacon technology.

  • BLE beacons that are compatible with iPhone and Android
  • LEDs to indicate status and assist in asset identification
  • Serialized barcode labels, so you can associate them to assets quickly
  • Beacons can be custom configured to meet your application needs
  • Powered by a button cell, up to 5-year battery life
  • Less than 2×2 inches
  • The AAT™ App compatible with iOS and Android
  • Barcoding, Inc. Services for integration

AAT™ is designed with your enterprise deployments in mind. You can communicate with your assets simply using your smartphone with our AAT™ app:

  • AAT™ beacons go on the tracked asset
  • AAT™ beacons transmit data about themselves, once every 2 secs (Information includes ID, signal strength, max/min/ current temperature, button state, LED state, battery life remaining etc.)
  • AAT™ beacons can be “heard” from over 150 feet away, even when inside a vehicle, or container.
  • AAT™ can identify a specific asset by turning its LED on, from a smartphone
  • AAT™ can change an asset “state” with the push of a button. (e.g., “enroute” to “on-site”)