RFID Solutions in Retail

Retail has been a major driving force for adoption of RFID technology. With the help of RFID, the retail industry has improved customer services and inventory control.

Using RFID technology, retail sales:

  • Can locate a particular item in the store and check its availability
  • Have access to the products from store to store and also to the entire database
  • Offer personalized customer offers and an improved shopping experience
  • Reduce shrinkage with item level tracking
  • Maintain in-stocks, minimize theft, and manage the ratio of supply and demand

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RFID and OmniChannel

Omnichannel retailing – with connected customers able to shop not only in the store but also online and on mobile devices – is changing how the industry views the retail store.

RFID technology is an increasingly important enabler of omnichannel retailing.

Especially important to apparel retailers is item-level RFID, in which RFID tags are attached to individual garments. Commonly integrated into the product’s hangtag or pricing label, the tags are read by handheld or fixed RFID readers, providing real-time inventory visibility throughout the supply chain. The system enables store management, sales associates, even connected customers, to have the accurate, real-time product location and availability data so crucial to omnichannel retailing success.

  • Inventory Management
  • Customer Transparency
  • Accurate Product Availability Data
“Item-level RFID tagging is proving to deliver product inventory data that is up to 99.5% accurate”.

Apply the power of RFID in your retail environment.

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