RFID Solutions for Manufacturing

RFID technologies improve inventory control, asset and materials management, and machine maintenance.

By using RFID to track assets, manufacturers have achieved greater productivity, reduced labor costs, and decreased excess inventory. Containers, pallets, cases, cartons and totes can now all be tracked efficiently using RFID.

Benefits of RFID for Manufacturing

Improve tracking

Improve speed and accuracy for tracking pallets, cartons, and containers.

Improve assembly process

Increase efficiency and speed with fewer errors throughout the entire assembly process.

Reduce cost

Reduce stock levels and operating costs.

Improve inventory management

Provide for more efficient picking operations due to real-time inventory, routing, and movement information. Improve inventory visibility to feed just-in-time (JIT) systems.


The Value of Hybrid RFID Systems (Barcoding, Inc.)

Join Barcoding, Inc. Director of RFID Tom O’Boyle in a discussion of Hybrid RFID systems (a combination of active RFID and passive RFID). Filmed at the 2014 Barcoding, Inc. Executive Forum in Baltimore.

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