RFID Solutions for Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals

Hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, labs, and other critical healthcare facilities are using RFID applications to realize improvements in patient safety, asset tracking, and process workflow. RFID use in medical facilities includes access control, patient or employee identification, and medical equipment tracking.

Benefits of RFID in Healthcare Facilities and Hospitals

Increased inventory accuracy

Make sure your tools are available when needed. Example: admitting and treatment staff know when beds, wheelchairs, and other equipment are available for faster patient/room turnover and improved incremental revenue.

Increased staff productivity

Spend less time taking inventory and tracking down missing equipment and more time with patients.

Reduced capital and operational costs

Reduce the risk of out-of-stock events and avoid rush ordering supplies at premium pricing.

Enhanced patient care

Locate life-saving and critical care equipment quickly, ensure medications and other supplies are available, and spend more time with patients.

Increased security

Accountability of media and data tape tracking safeguards sensitive data, and ensures backup and redundancy.

Regulatory compliance

Monitor compliance with Joint Commission (JCAHO) standards, using data collected using RFID.

Improved equipment maintenance

Locate equipment easily with RFID – save time and ensure maintenance is performed.

RFID Healthcare Applications

  • Asset Tracking of medical equipment, surgical instruments and other ambulatory medical assets
  • IT Asset Tracking of servers, COW/WOWs and other IT assets
  • Inventory Control of medications, high-value supplies and other medical supplies
  • Patient Tracking
  • Document and Data File Tracking

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