RFID Printers

RFID Printers can be used to print and encode RFID smart labels and hang tags.

How do RFID Printers Work?

RFID Smart label printer/encoders use media that has an RFID inlay (chip and antenna combination) embedded within the label material. An RFID encoder inside the printer writes data to the tag by radio frequency transmission. The transmission is focused for the specific location of the tag within the label. Bar codes, text, and graphics are printed as usual.

RFID Tag Quality Checks

Printer/encoders should perform two tag quality checks. The first check should be done prior to encoding to make sure the inlay is functional and can receive data. The second check should verify that data was written and stored on the chip correctly. Optimally, encoding the inlay and printing the smart label should require only a single pass through the printer/encoder.

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Examples of RFID Printers

Intermec Honeywell RFID printer PM4I_003The multi-function Intellitag PM4i printer gives you the reliability, ruggedness and performance you have come to expect in a barcode printer from Intermec, along with the latest RFID technology in the same box.

With the Intellitag PM4i or the PX4i, companies can create RFID smart labels to drive RFID applications without host reprogramming.

Built on the solid, tested XiIIIPlus platform, the R110xi4 four-inch labels– offers an unprecedented level of on-demand printing flexibility in tag placement as well as unique features such as XML for seamless integration into enterprise systems, automatic calibration, flexible inlay positioning, multiple power levels, statistics tracking, easier RFID programming and more detailed information through the front panel display.

Fulfilling the need for a compact RFID printing solution that can encode smart labels at the point of use, the R2844-Z printer/encoder is one of the most versatile in the industry! Designed for printing and encoding smart media such as wristbands and smart labels, the R2844-Z meets the needs of applications requiring greater processing speed and more connectivity choices-such as standard serial, parallel, and USB ports and optional internal Ethernet.

The R4Mplus offers global companies a cost-effective and dependable performer to help meet RFID compliance initiatives. With die-cast metal construction, centralized printer/encoder management, a variety of connectivity options, and complex multi-language font support, the R4Mplus is a super value.