RFID Antennas

The antenna system is a critical component of any RFID system. Antennas take the RF signal and send them to the readers for translation into useable data. The higher the antenna gain, the larger the read range, although higher doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Trust Our RFID Experts in RFID Antenna Selection

The operational use of RFID relies on a controlled read range. Trust the experts at Barcoding to help you choose the correct antenna to match your application. We will consider factors like antenna size, mounting options, and IP ratings for outdoor installations, which are required for each read zone.

What is an RFID Antenna?

An RFID antenna emits radio waves. Once a passive tag has entered the RF field, these radio waves power up its microchip to send and receive RFID data.

The type of RFID antenna determines the type of RFID field generated. While most RFID readers use an external RFID antenna, some have a reader and antenna integrated in a single product. Fixed reader antennas have a longer range than those for portable RFID readers.

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