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Mobile Computing Solutions from Barcoding, Inc.

For most businesses, automating workflows and empowering mobile workers represent the best way to improve efficiency, accuracy, responsiveness, and customer service.

The benefits of mobile automation are well documented and are available to practically any organization. While some of our customers are well-versed in mobility, others are just starting out – and we have solutions that fit both types of clients.

Access Your Data Wherever You Go

Mobile computing is the ability to access your data wherever you go. For enterprises, mobile computing connects critical software applications with employees as they move, and integrates that data to the company’s back-end system. This efficient, accurate, and connected flow of data is the backbone of the systems provided by Barcoding, Inc.

With their personal smart phones, your employees leverage the power of mobile computing every day. Their expectations – to be able to access anything at anytime – put pressure on companies to have comparable or better technology available on the job that can withstand harsh work environments and maintain corporate IT security rules.

Trusted Partner, Trusted Mobile Advice

Barcoding, Inc. is the partner you can turn to for trusted advice on mobile computing platforms, answering questions like:

  • When should I upgrade my devices?
  • Are consumer devices better than rugged ones?
  • What operating system should I use moving forward?
  • What devices can withstand industrial or healthcare environments?
  • How do I connect the software on my mobile device to my back-end system?
  • How do I manage repairs on a fleet of devices once they are deployed?
  • How do I manage software applications on the device and restrict access to non-work items?
  • How do I measure the usage of the devices?
  • How do I ensure connectivity?
  • How do I create consistency of use across different facilities?
  • How can I use mobile devices to improve employee satisfaction?
  • How can a mobile solution improve my customer retention rates?
  •  And more.

Let us help you answer these questions.

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Types of Mobile Computing Hardware Solutions

Enterprise tablets are great tools when deployed properly. Barcoding, Stock_Tablet_AS_66431787-2Inc. has the expertise to help you evaluate if this type of mobile technology is the right fit for your use case.

If tablets are the right tools for your business, we can source a variety of options – from super rugged to retail-ready – for you to review. We can also provide professional provisioning and configuration services (our GoLive Services™) on consumer-grade tablets.

A few examples:

Find out if tablets are right for you.

Vehicle mount computers are a major part of any wireless lxe thor mn010infrastructure that involves fork lift trucks or warehouse vehicles. These units mount directly to the vehicle giving the operator a full screen display and the flexibility to connect any kind of scanner to the computer.

With the design of sturdier, stronger casings, vehicle mount computers can run the same programs and applications, at the same speed, as your desktop and laptop computers.

Barcoding Inc. provides a full range of professional services for the installation and integration of mobile computers in forklifts, warehouse vehicles, delivery trucks, and vans (GoLive Services™).

A few examples:

zebra-ql-320-plus-direct-thermal-mobile-printerMobile printers complement a mobile computing platform, enabling your workers to print on-demand wherever they are.

Barcoding’s experts can help you determine what types of processes require mobile printing, and our Consumables team can supply you with all of your printer essentials, like: labels, ribbons, printheads, service contracts, and more.

Typical use cases:

  • Compliance documentation,
  • shipping labels,
  • printed receipts,
  • invoices and tickets,
  • price audits,
  • credit card payments, etc.

Industrial companies can use mobile printers for receiving, cross docking, production test and sample tracking, pick tickets, and shipment labeling.

In service industries, mobile printers can be used for ticketing, transaction processing, guest and passenger check in, tableside service, and more.

Retailers now do shelf price auditing, returns labeling, DSD vendor management, mobile point-of-sale, and line-busting with mobile printers.

While Wireless LAN’s in your warehouse and distribution center provide ap-7131-motorola-wireless-access-pointcoverage for your workers inside those facilities, LAN’s do not extend to your mobile workers who are delivering goods and services.

Barcoding Inc. teams with the leading providers of Wireless Wide-Area-Network (WWAN) communication to provide complete coverage to your mobile fleet.

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How does Barcoding, Inc. keep pace with mobile technology?

President Shane Snyder explains how Barcoding, Inc. is keeping up with the fast pace advancements of today’s mobile technology by evaluating new technologies that will help Barcoding, Inc. remain efficient, accurate, and connected.

How Can Applications Be Effectively Managed Across All Devices?

CTO Martin Jack explains how we manage applications across devices using version control.

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  • Companies that implement mobile sales force automation (SFA) systems are 1.5 times more likely to improve sales force productivity than those who do not.
    74% of companies who implemented mobile SFA said they increased revenue as a result of the system.
  • Only 22% of top-performing field service operators use paper-based operations.
  • Field service automation produces an average 18% increase in service revenues and 9% reduction in repair time.
  • 60% of companies who implemented fleet mobility technology said it increased customer retention; 75% said it improved mobile worker productivity.
  • In DSD operations, automated processes reduce receiving and verification time by 60%.

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