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Barcode scanning is the integral part of a barcoding system. Barcoding, Inc. specializes in determining what type of scanner your unique business process requires, and then deploying those scanners as part of a complete solution.Warehouse Scan

As a top partner with all major scanner manufacturers, Barcoding, Inc. can offer you the latest in scan engine technology. Our scanners come in all shapes and sizes; healthcare-grade, corded, cordless, super rugged, ring scanner, etc. to fit your environmental and usage needs. In some cases, it’s best for our clients to use mobile computers for their barcode scanning applications, and we can help you make that determination.

But, It’s Just a Scanner, Right?

Barcode scanning may sound simple on the surface, but there are actually many intricacies involved. Do you need a laser, CCD, or digital imager? Fixed-position or mobile? Should the scanner be integrated with a mobile computer or be a separate handheld unit? Cabled or wireless? What if you need to read 2D codes or capture signatures? Barcoding, Inc. has the answers, and the full line of products to meet these and other needs. We carry more than 20,000 products for reading barcodes – including models that will provide you with the best performance and reliability in your specific environment.

Differences Between Scanner Types

General duty scanners work best for small to medium-sized businesses and are generally used for tracking inventory and assets in retail, library, tool crib, back office, and access control applications. These are the easiest to use, and don’t require set-up or training.

Handheld scanners are built for specific use cases and work environments, like retail-ready, high scan intensity scanners and rugged, rubberized warehouse scanners.

Hands-free laser scanners and area imagers come in a variety of ranges to increase productivity, lower operational costs, and ensure reliable scan performance.

Healthcare scanners are made specifically for clean hospital environments. They are disinfectant-ready and come in many form factors purposely built for healthcare applications.

With rubberized casings, industrial scanners can withstand harsh chemicals, drops, and extreme temperatures.

For highly mobile workers, a pocketable scanner may provide a higher level of performance.

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A Sampling of Scanners and Types

Datalogic Gryphon 4400 Series General Duty Scanners
Honeywell Voyager 1202 General Duty Scanner
Honeywell Xenon 1900g Handheld Scanner
Honeywell SG20 Healthcare Scanner
Honeywell Granit 198Xi Industrial Scanner
Honeywell Voyager 1602g Pocket Scanner
Zebra 3600 Ultra Rugged Series of Scanners

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