PermTherm™ Single-polymer Substrate

Introducing a breakthrough way to simplify thermal or barcoding printing.

PermTherm™ is a white, surface-printable polyolefin film that provides an innovative single-layer polymer substrate for thermal printing, replacing both traditional Direct Thermal (DT) substrates and the use of Thermal Transfer Ribbons (TTR). Sharp, durable, fade-proof images are created on PermTherm™ film using standard thermal/barcode printers. The film has a print surface with excellent receptivity to a broad range of ink chemistries, and a back-side, adhesive-receptive surface that is ideal for pressure-sensitive applications.

PermTherm™ film is cost-effective, compatible, and durable.

Applications of PermTherm™

Platinum Thermal film can be used for pressure-sensitive labels, tickets and tags, and point-of-sale applications. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications, where chemical or water resistance is required.

  • Consumer products
  • Nursery labels
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Price labels
  • Chemical labels
  • Office products – binder labels
  • Retail apparel labels
  • Medical labels / medical graphing
  • Meat/food packaging
  • Industrial, plumbing fixtures, parts
  • Logistics, inventory, shipping, warehouse, pallet, and tracking labels
  • Variable tracking data
  • Retail shelf marking

Key Features of PermTherm™ Film

Image permanence with no image fade from heat, cold, light or time
Image is UV light-resistant, and is estimated to last 18 months outdoors; expanded outdoor testing is in progress
No pre-imaging; film is heat-stable up to 130 °C (266 °F)
Print surface and printed image are not affected by water. Volatile solvents such as IPA and MEK do not irreversibly darken the print surface or printed image; expanded solvent testing is underway
Significant cost reduction compared to DT and resin/wax-resin TTR printed labels
Durability comparable to TT films
Excellent compatibility with a broad range of ink systems, including UV and water based printing technologies
Simplifies thermal/barcode printing with a single-layer polymer substrate; replaces a broad spectrum of DT paper, film labels, and TTR used in various indoor and outdoor market applications
User-friendly thermal/barcode printer labels, requiring no TT ribbons or DT coatings

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