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Barcode And RFID Labels – The Critical Element For Patient SafetyHospital_415b

From tracking patient flow and equipment to monitoring vital specimens, today’s healthcare organizations face a variety of unique challenges. Use barcode and RFID technology to track, identify, and manage people, assets and entities in your healthcare facility or hospital.

Whether you are in the lab, the pharmacy or bedside, our barcode and RFID hospital labeling solutions help improve patient safety and workflow processes to improve patient care.

Improve patient safety and security by using healthcare printers to label inventory, lab samples, medical records, invoices, receipts, prescriptions, packages and identification tags to reduce error.  At Barcoding, we understand the needs of healthcare organizations and offer the following healthcare labeling solutions:

Applications for Hospital Labeling Solutions:

  • Antimicrobial wristbands for patient identification
  • Employee/personnel ID badges
  • Blood bag and specimen labeling
  • Kiosk tickets and labels for self-service registration and payment
  • Prescription printing and unit dose labeling for pharmacies
  • Labeling materials, supplies, medical records and assets like high-value equipment, for quick and easy location throughout the hospital

Benefits of Hospital Labeling Solutions:

  • Tag locations and samples to identify specimen storage, including high and low temperature.
  • Keep in compliance with FDA’s rules on record keeping and HIPPA requirements for privacy and protection of electronic health information with secure patient tracking services.
  • Reduce error by recording and labeling information at the point of care.
  • Voice communications for emergency bedside contact.
  • Carried room to room on a belt clip.

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