The Right Devices to Power Your Business

Hardware Delivered by Barcoding

Since 1998, all of the top manufacturers in data capture hardware (including Zebra Technologies and Honeywell) have trusted Barcoding, Inc. to represent and recommend their product lines. As one of the largest value-added resellers in North America, Barcoding, Inc. will deliver the best hardware for the job, with the best pricing available.

Barcoding, Inc.’s Complete Hardware Solutions

At Barcoding, we offer complete solutions. For all of our devices, we recommend software integration or applications and our GoLive Services™ for staging, kitting, and configuration. For enterprise roll-outs, we also recommend our StayLive Services™ (help desk, spare pool, RMAs, asset utilization and management, etc.) to maximize uptime and the investment made in the technology. As a long-term partner, we will monitor the health of your device platform, recommend improvements, manage service contracts, and be available for consultation during upgrades.

Bottom line, you will have one partner to trust for increased efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity

Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC)

RFID technology helps companies eliminate the manual processes associated with locating and scanning bar codes. In order to achieve this level of automation, RFID systems must be engineered carefully.

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Wireless data networks provide real-time access to your data transactions, making your operations more efficient.

Wireless networking management systems can automatically detect problems and provide email alerts to LAN administrators.

Once you have wireless LAN infrastructure, you can use it to support other technologies, including voice-over-IP technology (VoIP) telephony and messaging.

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Mobile computers increase accuracy and efficiency by eliminating redundant data collection and data entry steps.

Most companies recover their investment in mobile computers and wireless local area networks (WLANs) within a year of implementation.