Professional Wireless Services

Wireless technology is essential for getting accurate, real-time information in the moments that matter. At Barcoding, Inc., we understand the value you get from your wireless system depends on the reliability, responsiveness, and security it provides. We offer a full range of services to make sure that your network is designed and deployed for maximum optimization and security.

Now is the time to optimize your wireless network.

Our GoLive Air™ services are crafted to design and configure an optimum network for your unique environment. With all of our clients, we always recommend starting with GoLive Air™ in order to architect consistent connectivity. Our StayLive Air™  services continuously monitor and manage your network to ensure long-term connectivity success.

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Professional Wireless Services

  • Onsite Wireless Survey
  • Paper Wireless Survey
  • Equipment and Configuration Recommendation
  • Cabling
  • Network Installation
  • Post Installation Site Survey
  • Best Practices Review
  • Wireless Network Monitor
  • Wireless Network Optimization
  • Remote Expert Support
  • Onsite Review and Recommendation