StayLive ServicesTM

Proactive Mobile Platform Management

StayLive Services™

Barcoding’s professional support services far exceed the initial deployment of your equipment. To complement our GoLive Services™, Barcoding offers StayLive Services™ to our enterprise clients who must manage hundreds or thousands (even millions) of devices.


Extended Support

One component of our StayLive ServicesTM is to provide our clients with the extended help they need if devices break down, applications cease to function properly, or inventory issues arise. With mobile device management, spare pool, help desk, and service contract management services, we handle all the critical details so that our clients never skip a beat.

Proactive Management

And, while we excel at responding to these types of requests, our StayLive Services™ are more important to our customers for delivering proactive information to improve productivity and to reduce operational expenses. By trusting Barcoding to manage their mobile platform, our customers are better able to provide their customers with exceptional service.

StayLive Services™

BOS™ is a unique web-based tool developed exclusively for our clients to provide control during roll-outs and long-term asset visibility.

It allows clients to sort and find equipment by item number, item type, serial number, location, and status as well as create and manage repair requests through its direct integration with manufacturer RMA portals.

BOS can track the complete history of every device from where and when it was installed to its configuration parameters.

Barcoding offers clients true enterprise mobile management (EMM) capabilities through our partnerships with SOTI, Inc. and AirWatch.

With proper MDM (a component of EMM), the following functions ensure that project execution and ongoing support is more efficient and effective – maximizing uptime and productivity.

  • Manage: Utilize corporate resources more efficiently.
  • Synchronize: Onboard, monitor, track, and support a multitude of devices.
  • Secure: Apply enterprise appropriate policies and controls.
  • Support: Empower users with productivity tools like real-time visibility and remote control.
  • Report and Track: Automate routine tasks, configure alerts and exception notifications, monitor trends, and forecast future requirements.

From email to telephone, our Help Desk representatives are available to get you “up and running” again.

With an extensive knowledge base, our dedicated support team will ensure that your software, hardware, network, or communication issues are resolved in a timely manner.

If the device is physically damaged or the hardware failure cannot be solved, a representative will assist you with submitting a repair authorization.

When more advanced diagnostic measures are needed, the problem is escalated to our Tier 2 Help Desk representatives, who will remotely connect to your device.

This ability to monitor the device enables us to uncover potential problems before they develop as well as troubleshoot and resolve issues you may be experiencing.

An added bonus is our ability to push out firmware updates and software upgrades, both of which go a long way toward maximizing the efficiency of your applications

When an insufficient supply of devices, due to damage and/or repair, becomes a burden, our Spare Pool Management Program is available.

When a device needs to be replaced or repaired, a “Hot Swap” spare will be shipped to your facility for Next Day delivery.

This replacement device will be preloaded with your software applications and configured to your network so that they are “ready to go” upon receipt.

The original device will be returned to the Spare Pool upon repair, thereby ensuring that a Spare Pool inventory is adequately maintained for future “Hot Swaps”.

Barcoding Performance Services™ monitor, measure, and report on device and mobile platform analytics.

We use our vast experience to review device analytics, customer service information, labor analytics, and other related data to deliver actionable tips to improve adoption and usability and overall productivity.

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“"BOS™ has provided us with instant visibility to a customer's assets and has enabled us to improve our customer service and support levels. I can’t imagine what we did without it!"” Donna Ford, Quality Assurance Associate

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