RFID Design, Deployment, and Support Services

Is RFID Right for You?

RFID technology is once again on the forefront of operational discussions. Before you react to all the headlines, it’s wise to consult with experts who have “been there” before. RFID by Barcoding has helped over 200 companies implement successful RFID projects. With a combined 40 years with the technology, our experts know when RFID can be effective, and more important, when the technology won’t be a productive endeavor. If it turns out that RFID is not the best solution for you, our experts will tell you and make recommendations to take a different direction. We will not sell you technology just because it’s available.rfid

RFID Design and Concept Services

  • RFID Business Process Review – an independent, outside assessment to determine if and how RFID-enabled processes could help your business.
  • Complete system planning and evaluation services
  • RFID Site Survey – our engineers will inspect your facilities to monitor interference, RF signal strength, and other factors to determine which RFID frequencies, products and configurations will provide the most reliable performance.
  • Software development and integration – for packaged and proprietary solutions

Technology Integration Center (TIC)

Owned and operated by Barcoding, Inc., the Technology Integration Center is a real world warehousing and manufacturing environment that gives companies the ability to understand and compare RFID, barcode, and voice-directed applications to determine which solution will best fit their needs.

Designed For RFID Testing And Comparison

The Technology Integration Center is strategically designed to give companies the ability to understand and compare RFID, barcode, and voice directed applications to determine which solution best fits their needs. Our facility offers customers the opportunity to learn, test, and compare:

  • RFID Asset Tracking Systems
  • Voice Directed Work
  • Integrated Wireless Solutions
  • Inventory Control/WMS Software
  • Label Design and Supply

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RFID Deployment Services

We offer installation and user training to reduce the time it takes to implement and effectively use the system. The quicker it’s in use, the quicker the ROI realization.

RFID Post-Implementation Support Services

Barcoding, Inc. has offices throughout North America to support single-site, regional, or national rollouts.

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