GoLive ServicesTM

Out-of-the-Box Deployment

GoLive ServicesTM

Our GoLive Services™ offer the perfect blend of deployment services. By choosing Barcoding as their partner, our customers are up and running as soon as their devices arrive. No configuration or charging needed. To deliver this level of quality, our professional services team has orchestration and management skills that are second-to-none.

  • Project ManagementBarcoding_Team_222
  • Hardware Inspection
  • Battery Charging
  • Staging and Configuration
  • Kitting
  • Asset Tagging
  • Golden Image
  • System Testing
  • Software Loading
  • Cellular Activations

GoLive Services™ ensure that your mobile solutions do their job right out of the box, positively impacting:

    • Productivity
    • Employee Satisfaction
    • Customer Experience

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