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Barcoding Develops Custom Active Tracking for National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic

September 2019
2 min read

The National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic is the world leader in rehabilitation. Guided by world-class instructors, Veterans with traumatic brain injuries, visual impairments, certain neurological conditions and other disabilities are empowered to challenge perceived limitation by participating in adaptive sports that improve their overall health and outlook.

The five-day clinic, which was first held in 1987, has become a large-scale event where world-class instructors lead numerous sessions to improve the overall health and outlook of disabled veterans.

The Obstacles

When it came to event coordination, the clinic faced some challenges. Registration, scheduling and other administrative tasks took place at more than 20 separate stations across a large mountain and ski resort in Colorado. This made it difficult to track the equipment that was being used over the duration of the event.

The clinic administrators needed visibility into where devices were being leveraged so they could optimize the way the equipment was being used currently and what would be needed for future events.

They also sought a solution to easily ensure all assets would be returned after the event ended. Passive tracking solutions wouldn’t offer the efficiency and accuracy they needed, so a custom active tracking solution would need to be implemented for continuous visibility into the devices.

Barcoding Finds the Perfect Fix

Our team worked closely with the National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic to fully understand the organization’s needs. The team then explored and pared-down various options until they devised a perfectly suited solution.

The RFID solution the clinic previously employed worked well for inventory purposes but failed to provide real-time intelligence. We suggested shifting to a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solution, which would enable the clinic to obtain detailed location information whenever needed. Puck tags were also attached to the hardware, allowing for high-accuracy tracking with a low footprint.

To devise the custom monitoring software, we collaborated with our partner Link Labs to make the most of the BLE deployment, with a custom interface that provides an easy-to-use method for hardware assets across the mountain.

The Results

In just a few days, our onsite team ensured coverage for nearly twenty different sites, including the equipment-heavy IT room and first-aid stations on the mountain. First-aid coverage was especially important and required extensive cabling up the mountain.

“Having a definitive, real-time record of the location of their IT assets will allow the Winter Sports Clinic team to save time searching for lost items and provide a higher quality of service to their volunteers and participants,” explained Pike Reynolds, SVP of Field Operations at Link Labs.

With this custom active tracking solution deployed, the Winter Sports Clinic team gained valuable time in preparation for the event, which allowed them to concentrate resources on making sure the clinic was a success.

Download the full case study here.