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Community College Students Get Real Supply Chain Experience

September 2021
3 min read

Barcoding, Inc. donates Asset Management System to Anne Arundel Community College


Established in 1961, Anne Arundel Community College (AACC) is a fully accredited, nationally recognized, public, two-year institution and the largest single-campus community college in Maryland, serving nearly 50,000 students annually in credit and noncredit courses Located in Arnold, Maryland, AACC offers 225 programs of study and more than 3,500 courses to students of all ages, including a supply chain management program. Students in this program are given the opportunity to earn college certificates in business management and transportation; and logistics and cargo security.


Instructional specialist and supply chain management professor Kipp Snow was contacted when the dance studio coordinator sought a warehousing solution in order to better manage the dance department’s costumes and uniforms. Previously, the dance department stored their costumes and uniforms in black bags on metal racks or in cabinets. Due to a lacking organizational system, it would take a lot of time to manually sort through multiple bags of inventory to find a specific piece.

“The previous method of storing the dance inventory was horrible because they would open up a cabinet, dig through multiple bags and hope they would come across one of the outfits they were looking for. There was no rhyme or reason, which is why they decided to explore available options,” explained Kipp Snow, instructional specialist, AACC.


Snow began researching local providers that offered a low-cost, turnkey inventory management solution and found Barcoding, Inc., the leader in supply chain efficiency, accuracy, and connectivity.

“I contacted Barcoding, explained the type of solution I was looking for and was happy to learn that they would donate their time and expertise because they support local businesses and have a culture that promotes education,” said Snow.

Barcoding designed a comprehensive solution, including its partner’s, IntelliTrack, Warehouse Management System (WMS), a PC, barcode scanner and a wireless, handheld tracking device, in order to provide a current inventory of all items in stock as well as those that have been issued out to students for dance performances. This solution converted the previous process of storing clothing in cabinets to instead placing the items on racks and shelves, in bins or bagged and labeled with barcodes in an organized fashion.


The dance studio inventory warehouse solution provides a streamlined check-in/check-out process and an inventory control process for the clothing, costumes and other items used by the AACC Dance Department. It has already reduced the amount of time it takes to manage, issue out and check-in clothing items as well as reduce costs of lost or replaced items.

According to Snow, “The dance department’s items are now organized and stored based on product, size and usage. Students can quickly get to the pieces they need faster and more efficiently because the ones that are used more often are stored in the front versus those that aren’t used as frequently.”

The hands-on experience has been very beneficial to the Transportation, Logistics and Cargo Security Program students and interns.

“By having the interns and students visit the site and help set up the solution, they’re able to apply all the things that they’ve learned about in class, gain experience using logistics technology and see the warehouse layouts and selections first-hand in conjunction with meeting course objectives. In any environment where you try to set up a warehouse, whether it’s a 100 square foot closet or a multithousand square foot warehouse, there is a process that must go through for product placement depending on what your operation is and how quickly you need to get to the products. They are able to learn and practice by setting up the warehouse up and making it go live,” said Snow.

Students, interns, faculty and staff from all of the departments involved worked together to accomplish this major initiative. Other AACC departments have already begun requesting a similar solution for their equipment.

We’ve been able to make the dance coordinator happy by implementing the warehouse solution while also providing our students with an active environment. Overall it has been a successful, collaborative initiative with the AACC Dance Department, the Transportation, Logistics, and Cargo Security Program, The Office of Student Engagement, the Sarbanes Center for Public and Community Service and Barcoding.
― Kipp Snow, Instructional Specialist, Anne Arundel Community College