What’s in a Label? From Standard RFID Tags to Wearables, We’ve Got You Covered!

It all starts with a label—this holds true in any business, in any industry. The right media is essential for compliance, visibility, and efficiency.

RFID tags come in a variety of types, sizes, and durability. Barcoding has over 20+ years of experience helping companies acquire the right type of label to meet industry standards. We offer a range of tags and kits for just about any situation or product.

Standard RFID Tags

Standard RFID tags are used for general asset tracking. They only work on non-metal surfaces and attach directly on the surface. They can resist some wear, but are more suited for mild environments.

Universal RFID Asset Tag

A Universal RFID Asset Tag is a general-use RFID tag that works in a variety of different applications. They feature an inlay design that offers the lowest profile of any tag in its class; solving a common issue many customers have with other metal-mount RFID tags. They can withstand some wear, but are best suitable for moderate environments.

Flex Hard Tag

As the name suggests, Flex Hard Tags are designed for inventory that may need a flexible tag. They can work in harsher environments and are more resistant towards dust, dirt, moisture and UV exposure. They have a RFID read range of approximately 22-24 ft. on most applications.

Universal Micro RFID Asset Tag

A small tag with a great read range, its low profile is ideal for smaller products and exteriors. They can work on many different surfaces, like metal (9ft), wood, glass, and plastic (4ft). They also offer greater flexibility, for the perfect fit.

Wearable RFID Tag

Designed for concerts, events, waterparks, and other ticketed gatherings, these adhesive wristbands are intended for hassle-free application and effectively allow patrons and event-goers ease of access. The material can be printed with logos, graphics, and photos to enhance your brand.

While those are just some of the products we offer, please be sure to reach out to us with your tracking needs. Depending on the environment, assets, materials and tools available to you, we can help determine the best solution for any budget and problem. Samples can also be obtained prior to purchase, so you can try before you buy! Learn more or contact us today!