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Top 5 Ways to Future-Proof Your IT Operations Management

Apr 14, 2022
3 min read
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In business, change is inevitable. Some changes are predictable, and plenty are not. Accelerating technological innovations, evolving consumer expectations, and major shocks like a global pandemic demonstrate the need for enterprise organizations to be ready for anything.

An asset tracking system can be a critical future-proofing tool for IT ops management to sustain a business environment that enables agility, efficiency, and profitability—if it’s built with future innovations, enterprise-wide visibility, and scalability in mind.

Implemented correctly, an inventory and asset tracking platform can do much more than monitor devices and push updates. It can actually drive operational excellence, eliminate waste, optimize budgets, and deliver visibility into trends so your people can act faster, with greater accuracy, and in better alignment, from C-suite leaders to managers at the regional and local level.

The right asset tracking system can help you achieve these key future-proofing goals within IT operations to support a future-ready organization:

  1. Eliminate silos to connect and align business units
  2. Establish a single source of truth
  3. Deliver comprehensive data visibility when and where it’s needed
  4. Harness the power of artificial intelligence and automation
  5. Leverage the cloud for agility and responsiveness

Let’s take a closer look at these objectives and how they support resilient, agile enterprise growth in the face of a fast-evolving business landscape.

1. Eliminate Silos to Connect and Align Business Units

Eliminating silos gets all business units focused on shared objectives and operating principles. Alignment is about establishing agreement and connecting people, processes, and technologies. Siloed organizations don’t get to reap the benefits of agreement. Each unit may have its own processes and standards, even its own technology and networks. An asset and inventory management platform can be a powerful tool to establish and maintain the kind of alignment that supports a nimble enterprise. An asset tracking system built on a microservices architecture enables faster development and deployment of services that are in demand.

2. Establish a Single Source of Truth

The only way leadership can know what is and isn’t working is to first agree on what constitutes reality. When everyone accesses and uses the same shared source of data, they’re all working in the same reality. That shared perspective isn’t just important on its face; it’s also a key factor in creating cultural alignment around enterprise mission, vision, and values.

3. Deliver Comprehensive Data Visibility

When users anywhere can use an asset tracking system to drill into the data they need when they need it, filter it to meet their information needs, and create the right reports at the right time, they can rely on more than accuracy. They can be more responsive and efficient, too. And when API connectivity makes it easy to connect other platforms with an asset tracking system, data visibility can expand to become even more powerful.

4. Harness the Power of AI and Automation

You can gather and connect all available data from every corner of your enterprise, but unless you can quickly and easily analyze and report on it, the data can’t provide value. AI and automation tools help by converting large volumes of data into knowledge and awareness without the outsize labor costs it would take if left to individual employees. Plus, error-free automated processes can be standardized across an enterprise, so every business unit can benefit—and the company benefits from a unified operational approach.

5. Leverage the Cloud for Agility and Responsiveness

Cloud-based platforms deliver the speed, flexibility, and scalability that’s needed to connect and leverage data and information across an enterprise. The ability to pay only for the storage you need can help control costs, while also enabling businesses to scale up fast, without major capital investments in additional data storage capabilities. Selecting cloud-based platforms and software built for agility and connectivity is one simple way to set up an enterprise for continued growth—and the nimbleness to respond to whatever comes next.

No Single Technology Holds the Key to the Future

It’s tempting to look at an individual technology or innovation and hope it’s the fast-and-easy answer. But no one technology can do everything to future-proof an enterprise. Along with capabilities, there are important cultural considerations that go into positioning a business for long-term success, even in the face of constant, fast-moving change.

That’s why it’s so important to partner with an expert in the process of investigating, selecting, implementing, and supporting devices, platforms, and services across the enterprise. Working with an experienced team enables your organization to benefit from their previous learning, having already walked through the process with similarly complex enterprises. And, an approach that connects all the dots between people, processes, and technology helps ensure all stakeholders have a voice throughout the transition.

The IntelliTrack® inventory and asset tracking platform is built for agility, speed, and comprehensive enterprise-wide visibility, and a user experience focus that makes it easy for stakeholders everywhere to harness the power of the data they need, when they need it. Learn more about the ways IntelliTrack makes life easier throughout an enterprise organization when you check out our guide to IntelliTrack use cases. Click below to download a copy today—and don’t be surprised if you want to share it.


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