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A Better Way to Track and Manage Inventory & Assets with IntelliTrack

Nov 18, 2021
TOPIC: Technology
3 min read
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In order to track inventory and assets, you’re probably running several apps, most of which don’t talk to one another...nor do they talk to other systems (such as your ERP). To understand what you have and where it is, your workers have to reference each of those apps, trying to cobble together the data they’re seeing. And they’re not having much luck.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that your IT department is at its breaking point, leaving you in the cold when apps aren’t working or when they’re due for an update.

You’re frustrated, as are your Operations and Finance teams. Dissatisfied workers, “lost” inventory, wasted time, fulfillment issues, impatient customers, and productivity losses are not things any of you want to be dealing with.

Sound familiar?

Help Is On The Way

These are just some of the reasons Barcoding is re-launching IntelliTrack®, a next gen enterprise asset tracking platform that tracks, manages, and mobilizes asset, inventory, and related data.

What makes this enterprise platform unique is two-fold: First, it tracks all your inventory and assets in real time—IT/hardware assets, fixed assets, rotational assets, and consumable inventory—all in one centralized platform:

  • IT asset: See data related to all points throughout their lifecycles, including physical inventory, location, RMAs, repairs, services contracts, patching, versioning, and MDM status
  • Rotational assets: Maintenance and calibration activities are automatically performed on assets that move
  • Fixed assets: Fixed assets are fully managed, including auditing fixed asset inventory and tracking depreciation and asset value
  • Consumable inventory: Enables you to track by location and quantity, streamlining inventory receipt, movement, and order fulfillment

Second, this platform is built to fit your work streams—not the other way around. IntelliTrack is built with open APIs, so it’s ready to help your teams manage assets exactly the way you want—no more silos or wasted efforts.

Let’s look a little closer at what this solution does, for whom, and why it’s something you need today.

WHO is it for? IT and Operations leaders at distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, healthcare, retail organizations, and transportation & logistics companies will gain significant efficiencies using IntelliTrack and a new level of confidence in their data, processes, and resource allocations.

WHAT does it make possible? With IntelliTrack, you have a comprehensive view of all asset details, moves, and statuses, including asset locations, check in and check outs, depreciations, asset maintenance and calibration, stock levels, service contract expirations, RMA statuses, and more. This makes it possible for you to:

  • Boost efficiency and accuracy. With real-time visibility and a single platform, you’re no longer bogged down with multiple disjointed apps. Plus, inventory and asset data is automatically integrated with other internal and customer platforms and apps
  • Improve how resources are allocated. Workers aren’t struggling with inefficient processes, so productivity improves—no more wasted time
  • Streamline management of your assets. With multiple apps, your IT team spends time deploying, managing, integrating, maintaining, and upgrading. With one tool, operational costs are reduced, and IT has more time for strategic initiatives
  • Plan more strategically for the future. Because your data is accurate and up-to-date, you’re in a better position to “turn on a dime,” responding and making smart decisions quickly as demands change. Plus, one source of data truth makes you resilient and agile, with the ability to adapt quickly to market and customer changes
  • Delight your customers. Sales, Service, and Operations can give customers real-time status updates, solve issues, and fulfill as promised

WHEN is it launching? The next gen IntelliTrack will be available January 2022.

WHY now? There’s never been more urgency to optimize every aspect of the supply chain, and visibility is key. How you get your data—and what you do with it—can make the difference between success and failure. IntelliTrack gives organizations accurate, real-time data...and data is power: power that drives better decision-making at all levels; power that drives the insights needed for efficient workflows, accurate inventory, and strategic problem-solving; and power that transforms users and teams to operate and collaborate at their fullest potential.

We encourage you to learn more about how much this solution contributes to improved supply chain performance. Sign up to get updates on the launch and other details.

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