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A Barcoding solution is never just a piece of hardware: This is the heart of Barcoding’s Process, People, Technology (PPT) philosophy.

First, we work to understand our clients’ businesses—their workflows, people, cultures, and goals—and then we discuss the types of technology available to fit their needs.

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How IntelliTrack® Streamlines IT Asset Management (ITAM)

Nov 11, 2021
TOPIC: Technology
3 min read
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“Severe staffing shortages.”

“...forced to do more with less.”

“...being stretched to the breaking point.”

These snippets from recent articles highlight the challenges companies of all sizes are facing when it comes to labor, and IT labor in particular. Business leaders are frantically searching for ways to eliminate the bottlenecks caused by worker shortages—some with enhanced recruitment efforts, but those keeping an eye on the future are looking for technology that can provide long-term and tomorrow.

For businesses that leverage mobile devices to track IT assets and inventory (such as distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, healthcare organizations, retailers, and transportation & logistics companies), there’s a powerful and practical solution: IntelliTrack® from Barcoding.

What Is IntelliTrack®?

IntelliTrack (relaunching January 2022) is a next-generation enterprise platform that consolidates asset and inventory data. This powerful tool provides a comprehensive view of all asset details, moves, and statuses, including asset locations, check in and check outs, depreciations, asset maintenance and calibration, stock levels, service contract expirations, RMA statuses, and more.

Not only does IntelliTrack simplify and streamline ITAM, but the wealth of data it provides gives organizations the power needed to make better decisions at all levels: power to generate insights needed to optimize workflows, inventory accuracy and strategic problem-solving, and power to transform users and teams to operate at their fullest potential.

Manage Your Mobile Assets

In a nutshell, IntelliTrack tracks and manages the full lifecycle of your IT assets, including:

  • Physical inventory location
  • Return Material Authorizations (RMAs)
  • Repairs
  • Service contracts
  • Patching
  • Versioning
  • MDM status

Too many companies today are doing these things manually, making them vulnerable to costly errors and downtime. IntelliTrack takes the burden off your workers, streamlining the management of the mobility program and delivering these and other benefits:

  • Improves the mobile worker experience. A single, simple-to-use dashboard allows users to quickly access all the data they need, improving productivity and helping you attract and retain workers, too
  • Enhances security. Employees checking out a device are prompted with a sign-on screen that records their information and ensures that they have the authority to use the device. This process makes sure that the right devices are getting to the right employees while safeguarding the company’s network security
  • Captures mobile data throughout use, observing information such as device abuse. The mobile agent can identify if the user needs additional training or if the environment in which they were working needs to be adjusted. Usage statistics enable you to better analyze work activities and make necessary modifications to increase productivity. Data helps hold employees accountable for their devices and ensures safe return of devices back to charging cradles
  • Helps optimize device (and worker) performance. The data being gathered enables you to determine whether or not your devices are performing as efficiently as possible. When devices aren’t functioning properly, users can report issues for consolidated management review where you can review operational processes, identify application enhancements, and capture user concerns
  • Locates misplaced devices using employee and mobile device utilization data. When devices are misplaced, IntelliTrack’s “Find Me” feature pinpoints its location rather than wasting employee time searching
  • Puts all IT asset data in one place because it’s integrated with major OEM RMA and MDM portals, and manages all IT assets. Also, the platform is highly configurable, allowing you to track all types of IT assets along with the attributes important to your unique operations. For example, software license data can be tracked to understand license utilization and costs, or consumables such as keyboards can be managed through an inventory lifecycle different from other assets.

Considering the capabilities and robust nature of this tool, you might assume that deploying this technology will require your organization to modify its processes to align with IntelliTrack’s framework—but the opposite is true.

IntelliTrack is designed to fit into your work streams, with user-defined fields and configurable dashboards, allowing your teams to manage the mobile devices just the way they need and want to.

Want to know more about the power you’ll get with IntelliTrack? Sign up for updates and alerts!

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