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The Future of Enterprise Mobility

Aug 19, 2020
2 min read
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We recently hosted a webinar on the future of enterprise mobility. The panel discussion featured experts from Zebra Technologies, Ivanti Wavelink, SOTI, and SupplyChainBrain Magazine.

Android Migration
Findings from our Android in the Enterprise report showed that 32% of respondents were unprepared for managing technology transitions. Since January 14, 2020, organizations and #SupplyChainGeeks worldwide were tasked with navigating uncharted territory after the end of support for Windows Embedded Handheld/Windows CE.

Over 72% of the world’s mobile devices are currently using Android and it is an increasingly popular alternative choice to Windows.

“The Windows CE platform has not been growing for quite some time….With Android, we have a whole new set of possibilities that are available to us,” said Sam Gonzales, Director of Global Systems and Solutions with Ivanti Wavelink. With its great innovative functionalities, Android gives users flexibility and adaptability to keep up with an ever-evolving industry.

Android and The New Normal
With complications from COVID-19 now in the mix as additional disruptions, businesses are faced with tough decisions. Early adopters that began the migration process before COVID setbacks are successfully transitioning, but those who had not yet migrated are experiencing increased difficulties.

However, taking the necessary time to ensure a smooth transition when incorporating new automated processes is worthwhile, especially in the era of the pandemic.

“Don’t worry about the pressure of installing Android quickly, but go through the process and understand how you can really leverage the technology to improve your business and your people’s productivity,” said Greg Henry, VP Operations, Saleen.

COVID-19 has applied pressure to IT and operations to find solutions not only to stay afloat, but to improve productivity without putting people at risk. Mobile solutions can help minimize risk for users by reducing contact between employees, encouraging safety best practices, accelerate workflow, and more.

Future Trends
Looking forward, the future of enterprise mobile support will depend on strong partnerships and MDM. Our research shows that nearly 30% of companies plan to outsource the management of their mobile devices to a third party.

“Android is changing on a monthly basis and keeping up is challenging. ‘As-a-service’ is the new norm because it makes the upfront cost of purchasing that much easier,” said Shash Anand, VP of Product Strategy, SOTI.

Android has frequent updates for devices and applications, and so the OS is constantly evolving. Maintaining up-to-date systems given this requires a strong mobile device management (MDM) strategy to deliver updates and beyond. Building applications, scheduling efficient updates, troubleshooting and more are all important functions of a successful MDM partnership for the enterprise.

Moving Forward, Together
“Moving platforms is hard and it can be scary, but embrace it. It’s really your opportunity to drive your business to the next level,” said Gonzales. “You’re not in it alone. Pull in the experts—we’ll help you get where you need to go”.

Have more questions about Android and the future of enterprise mobility? Head to our Android Resource Center for more information on future-proofing your supply chain and leveraging Android, including our full Android in the Enterprise report, interviews, videos, and more.

Watch and Learn
View the full video below to see the full panel discussion and learn more about enterprise mobility:

Contact us to find out how we can work together to make your team more efficient, accurate and.

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