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Ivanti Wavelink is a leader in Android migration, modernization, and automation for supply chain warehouses providing the software platform and processes to make mobile device migrations and modernization easy for warehouses and their employees. With Ivanti Terminal Emulation and Industrial Browser, powered by Wavelink, workers get the best of both worlds: a familiar interface and state-of-the-art technology, increasing employee productivity and keeping the industry future-proofed – all done without modifying or replacing legacy backend systems.

Ivanti Wavelink offers solutions that are built to empower your supply chain. 24 of the world’s Top 25 Supply Chains use their mobile productivity solutions. From manufacturers, through distributors, 3PL firms, to retailers, they have three decades of mobility experience and have earned the trust of organizations big and small to empower their workforce.

Ivanti Wavelink Rapid Platform

With Rapid Platform, you can easily migrate your current apps to Android and enhance the user experience by modernizing, voice-enabling, and managing assets.  You can eliminate sales objections and speed time to delivery of new mobile computers!

A graphical interface is in high demand and will increase the productivity of your workers. With Rapid, you can turn your Terminal Emulation apps into an HTML experience in minutes.

The only SAP-certified Industrial Browser in the market for rugged enterprise devices.

Voice-enablement can open new opportunities with your existing telnet apps and provide conveniences designed to enhance your DC. With Rapid Voice, you can do it in minutes without the hassle.

Need a way to manage all of your TE and Browser apps? Stand up a prod-ready system easily with Rapid Manage.

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