Stay Efficient–Accurate–Connected with StayLive Services™

Last week, we shared a blog post featuring Barcoding’s GoLive Services™. This week, we are here to give you the scoop on its complement: StayLive Services™. Keep reading to learn how these two services work together to bring you one powerful solution!

Let Us Help Your Devices Run Smoothly
Once you have your devices all set up with the help of GoLive, ensure that they continue to function at their best with StayLive! Barcoding can help protect your investment and keep your systems on track with continuous management.

StayLive Services™ feature a variety of features including Help Desk Support and Case Management, Spare Pool Management, and Monthly and Quarterly Reporting. Experiencing issues? We can help get you back up and running as quickly as possible with Next Day Equipment Replacement and Failed Device Repair/Replacement. Everything is managed within our BOS™ Asset Management Platform, helping you maximize time and productivity.

Android Migration
Our services are not limited to different devices. We have experience with everything from traditional devices, to tablets, to consumer phones and more. With a wide range of expertise, StayLive Services™ can help your business with Android Migration. As you switch platforms, we are here to help you maximize new technology that suits your needs!

Watch the video below to see StayLive Services™ in action:

Protect your investment with StayLive Services™! Learn more to see how you can try out this and other helpful Barcoding solutions.

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