With the use of Samsung’s portfolio of tablets, smartphone and accessories, Barcoding, Inc. customers will have increased reliability at all stages in the supply chain.

Why Samsung for Your Supply Chain

As a global leader in enterprise mobility and information technology, Samsung provides enterprise products and services that help organizations, like yours, realize the promise of digital business.

Together, we make solutions

Samsung leverages our partnership with Barcoding to transform our rugged tablets and mid-tier handheld smartphones into end-to-end solutions. From hardware to software to implementation, we work to bring these solutions to life to address your needs in supply chain, logistics, warehousing, field services, in-vehicle applications, retail, and healthcare. From cloud productivity and seamless workspaces to mobile security, manageability, and support, Samsung’s innovative mobility solutions empower your business to succeed. Our mobile devices are optimized to work seamlessly with industry-leading partners - like RAM® Mounts, Koamtac, Otterbox, Scandit, Maximo and more. Pairing these mobile devices with Barcoding software, service and support enables features and capabilities to transform how people work. Defense-grade security enables software and services that let Barcoding remotely configure and manage devices for specific business needs. And their deployment and support help to ensure optimal uptime and a lower total cost of ownership.

Business Transformation in the Next Mobile Economy. We are moving from a mobile-first to a mobile-only economy. Endpoint devices are vital in order to access data from anywhere, at any time. Businesses have already transitioned their app development efforts to mobile and the cloud. Whatever industry you take a closer look at, workflows are being transitioned to mobile. The efficiency gains of moving from paper-based workflows to mobile are enormous and dwarfs the investment being made in mobile devices and connectivity. This mobile format is critical to the business transformation.

Knox platform for Enterprise
Trusted by security experts and government agencies, Samsung Knox has earned more global government security certifications than any other solution. The Samsung Knox Platform covers end-to-end device requirements, including configure, enroll, manage, secure, maintain, protect and classify.  Samsung provides a full range of solutions, from software and device support.

Driving a connected mobile world through 5G and IoT
With 2G, we helped put the phone in your pocket. With 3G and 4G, we put the internet in your pocket. With 5G, we’ll put wireless fiber into your pocket, but also in your warehouse or on the assembly floor —at speeds up to 100x faster than 4G.

DeX gives you a powerful desktop experience
Samsung DeX lets your team travel light and make any place a workspace. Connect Galaxy rugged tablets and select smartphones to any screen for a mobile-powered desktop computing experience with Samsung DeX.1

Transitioning from Windows CE
Samsung, like other barcoding industry leaders, uses Android secure reliable operating system.

A culture of firsts in mobile innovation
Samsung is a pioneer in mobile technology, the first to manufacture and go to market with features like infinity display, wireless charging capabilities, IP68 water and dust resistance, and stylus pens. We’re pushing the limits of what’s possible so your business can, too.

Use Cases

Warehouses can be demanding environments, making it difficult to stay in touch with the rest of the business. Equipping vehicles – such as forklifts – with mobile devices to enable communication and efficiency can be difficult and costly. Commercial devices are expensive and consumer devices have not been physically robust enough for the conditions. A lower-cost, durable and reliable device that can be securely positioned anywhere is needed, ensuring easy usability in the toughest warehouse environments.

What’s our solution?
With a protective case – and a specialist forklift mount provided by RAM®, ProClip or Gamber Johnson – the rugged Samsung Tab Active Pro and Tab Active2 are the ruggedized solutions for commercial purposes, at a very affordable price points. Protecting the technology enables long service life and reduces downtime. The device is secured into a dashboard mount, with protected charging and connectivity ports through a robust docking system. Drivers can easily remove the device for vehicle inspections and customer signature capturing, as well as personal communications. Samsung Knox Configure provides an out-of-the-box solution for remotely configuring fleet-wide devices, while Samsung Knox Security ensures that all data is kept secure.

Under pressure to increase delivery numbers, raise productivity and improve customer experiences, transportation companies relying on outdated, paper-based systems (causing delays and inaccuracies) are looking to a mobile workflow that puts essential information at drivers’ fingertips. Handheld industrial devices can be expensive, slow and lack software flexibility. A reliable, secure device at an attractive price point and with ongoing support – with apps for instantaneous end customer delivery confirmation – is needed.

What’s our solution?
Combined with in-house or third-party apps and mobile device management (MDM) software, rugged Samsung Galaxy Tab Active devices and smartphones enable drivers to navigate to jobsites, get sign-offs from customers for drop-offs and pick-ups, photograph documents, fill in Department of Transportation compliance logs and communicate with customers and branch dispatch. Utilizing multiple carriers for optimal network coverage, the mobile devices have an in-vehicle mount with integrated charging supply, plus a rugged case or screen cover to prevent damage on the road through partners such as RAM®, ProClip or Gamber Johnson. Drivers can easily remove the device for vehicle inspections and customer signature capturing. Samsung Knox Security keeps communications and confidential data secure.

Manual, paper-based processes are inherently inefficient and error-prone. To optimize productivity, workers need to be able to access central information systems, process work orders quickly and efficiently and communicate with multiple sources throughout the day. Without the aid of a rugged, fit-for-purpose device, workers may be following out-of-date instructions or miss a change in prioritization – cutting productivity and delaying order fulfillment.

What’s our solution?
The Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro and Tab Active2 enable warehouse workers, maintenance engineers, and delivery drivers to login to central systems, access orders and work tasks in the right sequence, and review information in real-time. Digital tracking simplifies task management and ensures accuracy. A customizable, flexible solution, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Active family of devices have a replaceable battery and are compatible with a range of third-party apps, software and hardware accessories – including protective cases and straps for specific working environments. Samsung Knox Security provides defense-grade security, ensuring all work-related files are protected.

Antiquated asset management processes can result in running out of important medications or surgical supplies, expensive products going to waste and over-ordering. Barcode scanners can be used to track and manage inventory, but they’re expensive and limited to single location use. Hospital managers need to find a better way to safeguard patient care through more efficient inventory.

What’s our solution? With Samsung Galaxy Tab Active Pro, Tab Active2 and/or Galaxy smartphones, featuring built-in barcoding software through partners such as KOAMTAC, hospital staff scan multiple stock items in one go – anywhere, anytime. Automatic connectivity overcomes limited or poor quality WiFi, ensuring real-time asset location and stock movement tracking across the hospital. The staff gets low stock alerts straight to their device, and instant, one-touch stock ordering maximizes efficiency and facilitates optimum stock level maintenance.

Administering medication is an essential clinical task, but prescription errors are the third leading cause of death in the U.S. To prevent errors, health facilities need a more reliable, yet practical and user-friendly method for medical staff to administer the right medication to the right patient, in the right dosage and at the right time.

What’s our solution?

Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, combined with Scandit’s barcode scanning apps, provides a practical, low-cost way to ensure prescription administration accuracy. By scanning a patient wristband barcode with their phone, healthcare workers ensure they deliver the right medication, at the right time, in the right dosage.

All from one device, healthcare workers update patient records, check medication expiration dates and patient allergy details prior to delivery. Less cumbersome than single-use scanning devices, Samsung smartphones and tablets are used for multiple applications to support productivity and cost-effectiveness. Samsung DeX extends select Galaxy smartphones and the Galaxy Tab Active Pro into a desktop workstation. Samsung Knox Configure enables remote device configuration for individual needs.

In-store customers who can’t find an item are more likely to visit a competitor. With single-function scanners, stock control is in the hands of just a few associates and can be both time-consuming and error-prone, with each item scanned individually. Maximizing sales and minimizing waste – particularly for perishable/short lifespan products – relies on accurate inventory management. Traditional scanning hardware no longer meets evolving inventory management needs. Mobile devices do.

What’s our solution?

App-enabled Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets enable multiple codes scanning in a single sequence, significantly cutting inventory count time. With Samsung mobile devices with an Otterbox UniVERSE scanner and/or Scandit software-based scanner all store associates can audit stock levels, create replenishment orders and correct misplaced items more frequently.

Associates find inventory and locate out-of-stock items at a different store or online, then arrange delivery – saving the sale and offering customer convenience. Samsung DeX enables device delivery scanning with the data input to the inventory management system, accessible whenever the device is docked to a monitor. Samsung Knox Security keeps communications and data secure.

Mobile innovation from end to end

We understand every aspect of the supply chain because we own every aspect. Unlike most mobile technology providers, every component in our devices is built by Samsung.

1 Samsung DeX requires a compatible operating system and USB cable. See for operating system and cable compatibility.

Access the Galaxy Tab Active family datasheet to learn why these devices are the workflow-ready ruggedized tablets.

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