Metalcraft has provided property identification solutions since 1950.

Barcoding offers a variety of customized asset tags, manufactured by our partner Metalcraft

A leader in the identification products industry since 1950, Metalcraft manufactures a variety of customized asset tags, including UID tags, barcode and/or serialized tags for asset tracking and/or identification, and RFID tags – including harsh environment RFID tags and a variety of metal mount RFID tags – for RFID asset tracking.

As a partner, we have experts in Barcoding-Canada who can offer you the right Metalcraft labels and supplies so you can achieve compliancy, gain better visibility and reduce your overall labeling costs. We also offer a free label assessment, which we highly recommend you take advantage of in order to save up to 25% percent on your overhead.

Via our partnership, here are some of the offerings Barcoding-Canada can provide:

  • RFID Tags
  • Custom Asset Tags
  • Metal Asset Tags
  • Access Control
  • Barcode Labels

We also offer bulk pricing! 

Did you know Barcoding-Canada offers a free label assessment?