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Optimize Fleet Productivity with Geotab

Aug 30, 2022
TOPIC: Asset Tracking
4 min read
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Any attempt to improve an organization's productivity requires an intense focus on “the numbers”—because you can’t manage what you aren’t measuring. Reducing costs, getting more out of limited resources, minimizing time and effort…every company, no matter the size, is aiming for these and similar goals.

And, no companies more so today than those in the transportation industry. With volatile fuel prices and an aggressive push toward electric vehicles, fleet operators are focused intently on minimizing fuel usage and idle time, and boosting profitability. 

For our August Huddle, we invited our strategic partner Geotab, the #1 commercial telematics vendor worldwide, to showcase their fleet management software’s capabilities, and to talk about what those mean for our customers. 

Read the Huddle overview below to learn why Geotab is leading the industry in fleet management software, and to get productivity perspectives from our experts:

  • Jody Costa, Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, Barcoding
  • Leanne Johnson, Senior Partner Account Manager, Geotab
  • Angie Milne, Solutions Engineering Manager, Geotab
  • Ken Currie, Vice President of Business Development, Barcoding

Better yet–get the complete story by watching the video!


Watch the Huddle!

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Watch the Huddle!

Fill out the form to view the video:


During the Huddle, we talked quite a bit about the features of Geotab and how those enable greater productivity and lower costs. The group agreed that one of the things that sets the Geotab solution apart from others in the marketplace is its “sky’s the limit” flexibility. Here it is, explained in a bit more detail:

  • Customization is limited only by your imagination. Along with a series of industry-proven standard reports, Geotab is designed to give the data you need, when you need it, and how you need it. Barcoding’s role is to help customers identify what reports they’ll want and need in order to reach their goals, to pinpoint data that’s “missing” from their systems, to think about and incorporate the data company management wants to see…and then guide its customers in using that data to optimize their decisions. Dashboards can be organized to suit users’ preferences (and workflows can be configured, too), with information organized into pillars that make it easier to solve problems.
  • Geotab adds value no matter your size. Productivity means different things to different organizations, and Geotab delivers long-term value no matter the size of your fleet. Even small fleets can gather basic data—mileage, fuel, idle time, for example—and have a big impact on productivity; once you see where there’s waste, you can take steps to improve. Geotab’s fleet management solution can capture a vehicle's location, speed, accelerometer data (vehicle acceleration forward/backward, side-to-side, or up and down), and a wealth of other data from the vehicle's computer, including seat belt usage, detailed engine diagnostics and more.
  • Geotab integrates into your systems. Geotab gives customers the opportunity to tie into existing systems, such as payroll, and easily push data—exporting is simple and only requires a familiarity with Excel.
  • Geotab does it all. In 2017, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration mandated telematic technology for fleets, triggering Barcoding’s search for the best long-term partner in the market. Barcoding avoided those that rely on multiple vendors to develop their solutions—something that often leads to compatibility issues. We selected Geotab because its hardware, firmware, database portal, mobile application—everything, in a sense—comes from the same skilled and experienced team.

EV & Sustainability

When the transportation industry looks at the horizon, it sees electric vehicles, and fleet operators are asking, “What will we need to know—and do—related to charging, hydro, necessary infrastructures, and more?” Geotab has a wealth of useful benchmarking and other data related to EV, and it’s all shared on the platform, right out of the box, helping guide organizations in their move to electric.

In the meantime, though, sustainability is key, and includes goals like lowering carbon emissions, assessing vehicles for EV conversion, and right-sizing the fleet. Geotab makes these steps easy by giving organizations the data that helps them keep vehicles operating in an environmentally friendly way until they’re ready to make the move to EV. 

What About Security?

Because there are not a lot of regulations or protocols around telematics services and companies, Geotab has been aggressively proactive in establishing the highest levels of security, reliability, and scalability of its products. Its rigorous approach to information security follows the principle of continuous improvement, and the company constantly reviews, improves, and validates security mechanisms and processes to ensure that its systems remain resilient to intrusion. 

Interested in learning more about other technologies that help ensure accurate data? Download our guide, How Has RFID Impacted the Supply Chain? Just click here or below to get your copy.


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