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IntelliTrack Q1 2023: Custom Dashboards & Data Views Boost Efficiency

Apr 19, 2023
TOPIC: Technology
3 min read
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Users have a lot to get excited about in the 2023 Q1 release notes for our IntelliTrack® asset tracking system.

IntelliTrack is all about increasing visibility into areas that matter most to you—and we can’t wait for users to take advantage of the fresh capabilities we’ve rolled out (not to mention updates and additions we’re queuing up for future releases).

Whether you’re using our IntelliTrack software for IT assets and/or operational assets, consumable inventory, shared equipment resources, patient belongings, or all of these things, now you can see even more—faster and with fewer clicks.

And since IntelliTrack was designed to save time and improve efficiency, let’s dive right into a few of the most important aspects of this Q1 update!

Build Your Own Dashboards

IntelliTrack offers new tools for users to create and present custom dashboards. So, now you can summarize information the way you need to see it, for more intuitive situational awareness and decision-making.

We made it easy as can be with a wizard to help identify your most important dashboard elements based on top-priority KPIs. Use widgets to specify a dashboard style—here you can see the gauge, and we’ve got more styles to come in future updates.


Share dashboards with other users in your tenant, or make dashboards for your own private use. And of course, you can always tap into the insights of our Barcoding super-geeks and use our pre-built dashboards for IT and Ops roles. We’ve got you.

The ability to create custom views and dashboards using the information in IntelliTrack is just the first step in allowing users to see and take action on the data that matters to them. This capability is going to continue to grow with each release, as we expand the types and number of data sources and UI widgets available to use in the system. — Jack Nosek, Principal Software Engineer

Configure & Save Customized Data Views

It’s okay to play favorites with data points, and we just made it easier in IntelliTrack. Now, you can manage and customize data views, delete the views you don’t use, and share with all members of your tenant. Configure and select the star icon on your default view, and that’s what you’ll see every time you navigate back to the associated page (unless you change it).

Game-changing RFID Support in IntelliTrack Mobile App

Users of Fixed Asset, Rotational Asset, and Consumable Inventory bundles can now provision, read, and find RFID tags using IntelliTrack. The provisioning process includes the opportunity to add user-defined functions, and for new assets it prompts for item, asset, and serial numbers.

A new “RFID Inquiry” menu item allows users to scan an RFID tag and see:

  • Asset number
  • Serial number
  • IoT ID
  • Item number
  • Description
  • Site
  • Location
  • All UDF fields for the asset

And now, finding an RFID-tagged item just got quicker. The “Find Tag” feature helps with beads that increase or decrease in speed and frequency as you move closer or farther from the tag.

Tenant admins have control over mobile client settings for IoT asset management.

Consumable Inventory Insights

Need deeper, more granular visibility into your enterprise consumables?

We’ve updated consumable inventory to deliver even more insights: summaries, orders and reorders, and an expiration dates dashboard show you more of the details that matter. You can also view inventory by group and location. And, in consumable order reporting, you can now view issues, receipts, and returns.

PBT Adds Lost-and-Found Property Tracking

IntelliTrack customers in healthcare get new features in our Patient Belongings Tracking bundle, too. Users can now send a list of the property they’ve collected to a patient by email and text.

Plus, newly implemented functionality supports tracking lost and found property. Record found property and document its storage location, manage lost property claims, and document returns or disposal of found property. Help nursing staff save time and focus on patient care while driving down the costs of patient property reimbursements.

All Your Enterprise Asset and Inventory Data in One Place

We know managing and tracking assets and inventory are—well, a lot. That’s why we developed IntelliTrack, and it’s why we continue developing features and capabilities that make it easier to use, save you time, and help you get insights at a glance when you have a need for speed.

Not an IntelliTrack user yet? Find out why you should be: click here or below to download the IntelliTrack use case guide, and see what each bundle can deliver for your team.


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