How To Maximize Retail Customers with Zebra: Modern & Mobile Mondays

Welcome to another installment of our new series, “Modern & Mobile Mondays!” Each week, we are sharing a new way to help your business stay connected and on-the-go. Today, we are featuring our partner, Zebra Technologies, and their work in retail. Learn more about our partnership with Zebra.

The Reality of Retail

Shoppers across all age groups still enjoy the traditional retail experience, as was confirmed in Zebra’s 2020 Shoppers Survey. Retail is not dying, but rather, it is simply evolving. There are many factors that consumers value about in-person shopping, like the opportunity to browse and try out products, instant gratification, and product availability.

Keeping Up With “Fulfillment”

Store owners are challenged with the task of finding creative ways to keep customers coming to and staying in their storefronts, even though they have the option to shop online. Retail locations are increasingly becoming fulfillment centers for online purchases, but are mindful of fulfillment capabilities for in-store consumers. By ensuring your clients leave “fulfilled” with both their product and their experience expectations met, you’ll be more likely to retain business and gain repeat customers for life.

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