Contactless Signature Capture with doForms – #SupplyChainGeekDay Video of the Week

Welcome to another post in our Video of the Week series, where we’ve been recapping sessions from our #SupplyChainGeekDay Summit event. For today’s video, we are featuring our partner doForms, a provider of complete mobile forms and workflow solutions. Learn more about our partnership with doForms here.

Today’s Video
In this #SupplyChainGeekDay session, Zachary Lander-Portnoy, our Director of Sales, is joined by John Darienzo, CEO of doForms. They spoke about how digital forms, surveys and other applications can work together to create contactless signature capture and other efficient ways to digitize your business.

You can read a Barcoding Blog post written by Darienzo here.

Forms For A More Efficient Workflow
Traditional mobile development focuses on mobile applications, which results in data that can only be accessed via that one application, causing the need for multiple services to capture, transmit and access data. What differentiates the work of doForms is that it works as an all-in-one form solution, allowing for more efficient, accurate and connected workflows.

“You’re building a structure that can be presented or rendered on iOs, Android, or a browser, and it effectively knows how to render itself correctly, automatically whenever it’s opened up on any platform,” said Darienzo. “Unlike other systems…when you’re building a doForm, you’re building that intelligence into your form.”

Contactless, But Connected
One form from doForms allows multiple users to view and update the associated information. This means that at each stage of the process, different teams can seamlessly connect and correspond––all without contact. For example, a technician can fill out their invoice, then the customer can provide their signature and return it to the technician. Then, it is returned to the cloud, from where the accounting department can retrieve it.

“Basically, what’s happening, is we’ve changed how applications are being developed,” said Darienzo. During the era of COVID-19, applications that can provide contactless solutions are becoming increasingly necessary. Now, solutions like these are not only helping users work more efficiently, they are helping to keep employees safer.

Watch and Learn
View the full session below to learn more:

Contact us to find out how we can work together to make your team more efficient, accurate and connected with doForms and more!

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