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Rapid Application Development for COVID-19 Challenges with doForms

Jun 12, 2020
3 min read
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BAR_061120_Covid_doFormsThis blog post features guest blogger, John Darienzo, CEO, doForms

Back a few years (pre COVID-19), I remember taking my kids to Disney, and the lines were so long my kids cried because they just wanted to go back to the hotel and swim in the pool. But today, visitors can simply register for a time slot to get on a ride, eliminating the need to endlessly wait in long lines.

This tactical approach to problem solving—smartly adding automation and technology—can be applied to a myriad of industries and companies, including large retailers, government agencies, COVID-19 drive-up test centers, and more.

Let’s look at a COVID-19 testing as an example. Generally, patients need to form long lines of cars, idling in the heat, and may be unable to exit their vehicles. Conversely, they may need to congregate in lines or waiting rooms before getting tested.

A possible solution to this might be:

  1. Allow people to register for a time slot appointment.
  2. Automatically email them a boarding pass with a QR code—like a boarding pass at an airport.
  3. Give testers devices that can scan the QR code from a distance and automatically validate the person’s right to be there. Then, use the same device to help expedite the testing process so that critical data is collected quickly.


The use of barcodes and laser scanning equipment, like what I proposed above, is nothing new. People have been boarding planes for years and online registration forms is not rocket science.

That’s why we think there is a simple answer for customers struggling with new employee expectations around COVID-19. Companies, like doForms, can build simple applications to solve core issues around employee screening in a few hours. These applications are not cost prohibitive, do not require a lot of training, and partner companies like Barcoding have every component in stock and readily available for use.

Businesses can augment their existing processes to help keep their employees and customers as safe as possible. Here are a few possibilities to consider:

1. Do not let sick or exposed people come to work. Have employees fill out a daily mobile form that asks them to take their temperature, asks them who they have been exposed to, and ask them if they are experiencing any of the known COVID-19 symptoms.

doForms offers a seamless employee wellness screening feature that assesses COVID-19 risk among team members. If the answers are no cause for concern, the doForms system automatically sends the employee a day pass. If the answers are flagged as concerning, the system automatically notifies HR, and the employee is verbally screened to determine if they are safe to come to work. The important part is they stayed home and did not show up onsite waiting for someone to take their temperature.

2. Ensure that customers book appointments online and have a contactless system in place to manage capacity effectively to reduce COVID-19 transmission. Several readily available laser scanners can read QR codes from a significant distance keeping both the employee and the customer safe. The same equipment can easily keep track of how many people enter and exit the store to satisfy local restrictions.

This same laser scanning equipment can easily read each employees day pass from a safe distance and doForms can determine in an instance if that employee is permitted to enter or not. This system can also be used as a timecard, eliminating the need for employees to gather at a time clock once in the building.

In general, our best advice is to look for simple solutions that solve problems using existing technologies. Using rapid application development tools like doForms can help you automate risky manual forms and to look for new simple ways to keep people socially distant and well.

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