Supply Chain Architecture

Supply Chain Architecture is our dedicated practice for the identification, formulation, and management of perfect order fulfillment processes—lean workflows from quote-to-cash.

Can You Answer the Question: “How Well Are We Doing?”

Our approach centers on process, people, and technology and helps companies objectively find out how well they’re doing. With unbiased recommendations and detailed road maps, our experts use a blend of methodologies (Agile, Six Sigma, Lean and Kaizen) to put you on the road to continuous improvement.

Eliminate Waste in Your Supply Chain

We offer objective analysis and plans:

  • High level operational assessments with one-day and multi-day engagements
  • Deep dive analysis programs

Supply Chain Operational Assessment Areas for Review

Supply Chain Architecture by Barcoding is available to review a large number of areas of your supply chain including:

  • Facility Layout/Material Handling/New DC Site
  • Storage Utilization/Warehouse Reslotting
  • Standard Operating Procedures
  • Shift hours vs. Employee Utilization
  • Performance Expectations
  • Performance Tracking
  • Management Skills and Effectiveness
  • Equipment Type and Usage
  • Technology Effectiveness
  • Transportation
  • Outbound & Inbound
  • Truck Utilization Rates
  • Dock Scheduling
  • Equipment
  • Manufacturing
  • Inventory Control/WMS/RFID
  • Yard Management
  • Supply Chain Visibility
  • ASN/EDI/Trading Partners

Achieve Specific Results

With Supply Chain Architecture, you can expect:

  • An unbiased and objective assessment of your current operations.
  • Identification of “realistic” improvement potential supported by credible return-on-investment analysis.
  • Identification of “no-capital”, “easy-to-implement” opportunities that will more than pay for the analysis.
  • A road map of operational improvement that will result in your continued success in the marketplace.
  • To achieve the goal of becoming more efficient, accurate, and connected in order to decrease operational costs, increase revenue opportunity, and improve your customers’ experiences.

Let us help you take a proactive review of your supply chain.

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