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A Barcoding solution is never just a piece of hardware: This is the heart of Barcoding’s Process, People, Technology (PPT) philosophy.

First, we work to understand our clients’ businesses—their workflows, people, cultures, and goals—and then we discuss the types of technology available to fit their needs.

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Barcoding, Inc. is a premier partner with the best manufacturers and software providers in the automated data capture, mobility, and supply chain spaces. Because of our strong relationships, our clients have access to high-level resources at our partners’ organizations—from the executive teams to sales, engineers, and support.


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Barcoding, Inc CEO Jay Steinmez Speaks at Founders Unplugged

Mar 21, 2019
1 min read
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Barcoding, Inc. Founder and CEO Jay Steinmetz recently spoke at the first-ever Founders Unplugged event. Held by the Towson University Incubator in conjunction with the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship, the speech provided a great opportunity for people to learn more about this successful national systems integrator and its roots.

Right now, more than 2,500 businesses trust Barcoding, Inc. with their RFID, barcoding and RTLS needs. Steinmetz’s journey to success has been an interesting one; originally working as a mainframe computer programmer after his graduation from the University of Arizona, he learned about barcoding quickly when the need for an expert arose. After a stint working for a barcoding company in California, he moved to Maryland to continue his work in the field.

After seeing the potential of online and internet applications, he tried to get his employer to pursue this path. When the employer passed, he started his own company with a friend, who later bled the company dry and stole his laptop. Undeterred, Steinmetz kept working on his vision and founded Barcoding, Inc. in 1997. In a relatively short time, it has become a $100 million business employing more than 170 people across 16 states.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

He shared some advice with attendees, some of which he learned the hard way. For example, he feels a 50/50 partnership is a bad idea; it’s better if someone is in control and holds the power to make decisions.

He also believes that knowing how to code isn’t enough on its own. Experience in an industry is essential for starting a successful business, according to Steinmetz. It’s also vital to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. Treat them well, empower them, and watch your business take off. Don’t be afraid to be unorthodox, he says, but don’t overthink things—and be tenacious!

This blog post was based off of an article by Medium. Read the full article here.

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