Where in the World is Barcoding’s Coozie? #BarcodingSpotted

It’s Not a Barcoding Event without the Coozie!Barcoding_Branding_Coozie_cheers

One thing our customers, employees, and colleagues know is that we love our iconic orange drink coozies (or coolies). They are a source of pride, and we give them out at every event. In fact, it’s not a Barcoding event without the coozies!

Because our employees, customers, and partners love them too, the coozies have started to travel. And that’s where #BarcodingSpotted started. We now track the Barcoding coozies as they travel the globe with our customers, employees, and friends by sharing with the hashtag #BarcodingSpotted.

The Coozie has International Flavor!


#BarcodingSpotted by Crocodile River in South Africa


#BarcodingSpotted at the Askja volcanic caldera in Iceland


#BarcodingSpotted at Machu Picchu, Peru


#BarcodingSpotted sailing along the Canadian coast

The Coozie Loves the Tropical Life!


#BarcodingSpotted goes snorkeling in St. Thomas, 35ft down!


#BarcodingSpotted in Cabo San Lucas


#BarcodingSpotted at Mile Zero in Key West, Florida


#BarcodingSpotted in Mancanetta, Mozambique

Need your very own Barcoding coozie?

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